What are Replica watches

There are many kinds of fine imitation watches according to the quality grade.What does the replica watches mean?how about the quality,If you want to know the answer,Let's follow the editor to find out。

Top - level fine copy table 1 to 1 belongs to the reengraving table,The manufacturer buys genuine watches to disassemble them one by one.To duplicate the parts of the watch,Case strap watch button head,And then it's left to the various factories,Buy the core by yourself,Then please ask the master to assemble the watch.Manual perfect,Can't tell the difference from the real thing。
In a sense,One to one is a perfect imitation of a watch,It represents the peak of high imitation watch industry,In terms of workmanship,Better than ordinary Swiss watches in the department stores,Use genuine copy,The finished goods have a delicate appearance.Basically is strictly in accordance with the genuine style 1:1 production,The material is better,Most are imported steel and mirrors,The machine core is mainly imported from Switzerland.
Fine copy of the name table at the highest level,The quality is proportional to the price,Because the quality is demanding,So the price is high,Cheap imitation watches of tens of dollars are of poor quality,To buy a copy table,Be sure to buy a 1:1 imitation watch,So that the quality can be guaranteed.
Introduce several 1:1 precision replica watches: