Why buy replica watches?

A replica watch is really different from a genuine watch.Really watches are very expensive,generally tens of thousands to millions of USD,not ordinary people can afford it.But the right to love watches should not be taken away.The high-grade reqlica watch has a nearly perfect appearance,Price is acceptable to ordinary people.It's the best choice for many people who love watches.But replica watches have different price levels.

A low-grade replica watch costs about $20~$50,and they have a variety of styles,it looks like a toy,but the process is rough and prone to failure,it's very easy to identify as a fake.

A medium-grade replica watch costs about $100~$300,many use their own movement,there is a big gap between the materials used in the production and the genuine leather,the details are missing,insufficient fine workmanship,and there is no gold style,few tourbillon movement.A close inspection shows that it is a fake.

A high-grade replica watch costs about $400~$900.The watch is hand-made by a professional watch craftsman according to the authentic style.The production efficiency is very low and the production rate is not high.It is preferred to choose the same material as the genuine product.Every detail is carefully polished to make it the same as the real thing,and choose the Swiss movement,and there are gold package design and tourbillon movement.A good watchmaker is familiar with the movement and will improve it when needed.This watch, which has no flaws with the real thing, is perfectly fine to wear and flirt with the store staff.Watch makers in genuine factories also have a long time to see it.Such products rarely fail,the delay time is the same as that of the real product,and have very good after-sales service and maintenance service.

Just to remind you, mechanical watches have a time delay, which is caused by the gravity of the base pay.Of course, those who have the ability can buy genuine watches, but ordinary people who cherish watches can also choose and buy their own replica watches.