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Breguet, a Swatch Group brand, was founded in 1775 and has the title of " watch king" in Breguet, as well as the title of " father of modern watchmaking". Because Breguet invented more than 70 % of the technology in the industry, the three most representative inventions with complex functions are tourbillon, perpetual calendar and three-tone spring. At least two technologies, inventions, patents and devices of any brand of mechanical watch in the world, whether manually wound or automatically wound, come from Breguet. If you take away the part belonging to Breguet, no watch will work properly. Every mechanical watch has Breguet's shadow, so Breguet is the purest premium watchmaker brand. Breguet replica watches have exactly the same exact timing and classic style, so unless you are a professional watchmaker, you will never understand their differences. We sell high-quality Breguet replica watches at preferential prices to help you realize your dream of owning a world-famous watch.