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Lyons - Breitling founded Breitling Company in 1884, mainly producing watches such as pocket watches, and began producing watches with seconds and night lights for the army in 1914. In 1915, gaston Breitling developed the first chronograph and also provided the first aeronautical chronograph for flight pioneers. Not satisfied with this, gaston Breitling then separated the timing control system of processing start, stop and return to zero from the crown, resulting in the birth of the first independent timing button and the establishment of Breitling's status as " pioneer of timing watches". Breitling watch is not only a timer, but also a precise instrument, known as " aviation computer". As a wristwatch technical expert, Breitling has played an important role in the development of chronograph and is a leader in chronograph. Breitling has witnessed countless brilliant moments in the long journey of conquering the sky by virtue of its precise and reliable precision instruments and superb performance. Breitling replica watches have exactly the same exact timing and classic style, so unless you are a professional watchmaker, you will never understand their differences. We sell high-quality Breitling replica watches at preferential prices to help you realize your dream of owning a world-famous watch.