N factory replica Rolex Yacht Master fake watch, which is more beautiful and more low-key than the Rolex Submariner

At the 2016 Basel exhibition in Switzerland, Rolex not only launched a Gray Rolex Yacht Master (116655), but also launched a Rose Gold  Rolex Yacht Master. Its appearance is mature and calm, and its appearance inherits the classic style of Rolex, blending new color elements into the dial to create a stylish yacht famous watch. The appearance is not only beautiful, but also the quality is stable and reliable.

Gray Rolex Yacht Master

Rolex Yacht Master

Model: 116622

This replica watch is unique in shape, with a case material made of platinum and steel. The rhodium grey dial is shimmering and refreshing under the change of the incident light. The texture is different from the previous Black Rolex Submariner. It uses the sun-radiated dial, and the bezel is polished with a digital scale, which is quite cool and luxurious. The replica watch is also certified by the top observatory in Switzerland. It combines the characteristic of waterproof, precise and durable. What’s more, the watch adheres to the rigorous attitude of Rolex’s refined watchmaking and is suitable for watch lovers to wear for vacation.

rhodium grey Rolex Yacht Master

N factory version

The counter version of the Rolex Yacht Master uses the platinum steel, while the replica version uses the 316 stainless steel. The dial is rhodium grey, with a blue highlight hand, which is more special. For Rolex watch fans, this rhodium grey Rolex Yacht Master is definitely an intriguing watch.

rhodium grey Rolex Yacht Master

With a rotating steel bezel, unlike the other models of Rolex ceramic bezels, the steel bezel is more durable. On the outer ring, the N factory version uses two processes of sandblasting and polishing. The original outer ring is made of platinum and stainless steel, in which the raised digital part is made of platinum and the sandblasted is made of stainless steel. In order to make this watch visually closer to the original, the N factory electroplated a layer of elemental material called “zinc” in the raised digital part. Let the fans feel it is not far from the original platinum material when they wearing.

Assembly of anti-scratch sapphire crystal glass, convex enlarged calendar window. The shell, bracelet and buckle are use the 316 stainless steel. Since the dial has a dark color and the bezel has been sandblasted, so the texture is significantly low-key than the ceramic bezel.

The crown

The details of each parts.

The fake watch has a diameter of 40 mm and a thickness of 14 mm. It uses the screw-in three-lock crown, and with the triple waterproof system. There has a Rolex classic logo on the side, and the workmanship is superb.

The type of the ring is triangular pit pattern, the identification code of the N factory is printed on the side and the case is polished smooth.

The bottom cover

Equipped with Seagull 2836 fully automatic mechanical movement, the time is accurate and stable. The back is a dense bottom design, and the lettering of the back cover is engraved by point laser technology, which is a new attempt in the engraving world. Reduce the post-polishing process, speed up the production efficiency, and shorten the hook cover production time of about 3 days.

The buckle

Using the 316 stainless steel, it is more lustrous. And it has a 5 mm easy-adjustable chain extension system. This design has Rolex R&D patent.

The buckle uses the original folding buckle, oyster-type insurance folding buckle, which is easy to wear. The center of the strap is polishing, plus metal grey contrast rhodium grey dial. The whole fake watch gives us a mature and glamorous impression.

Luminous hand

The original has a 100 meters waterproof, while the N factory has a 50 meters waterproof. This has been tested by high pressure professional waterproofing. In addition, it also has a super luminous function. The hands and time scales are coated with special luminous materials. The color of the luminous light is still close to the original, without any chromatic aberration.

Let us take a look at another watch of N factory——Blue Rolex Yacht Master

Blue Rolex Yacht Master

Using the classic oyster steel case with white three-dimensional luminous hour markers and date window display at 3 o’clock. Choosing the Ocean Blue as the background color of the dial, and arrange the classic big three hands in the center. The hour hand uses the icon, which is similar to the Mercedes logo, while the second hand is red. This not only improves the legibility of the watch, but also embellishes the watch’s ornamental.

The silver case with dark blue lettering, which is a very low-key and luxury watch. This watch is very classic among the Rolex Yacht Master. The shape design has the iconic elements of Rolex, which is very recognizable. The color of the literal is a more interesting place, so the production of color is very very important. The bezel is made of matte embossed and polished fonts, which has a strong sense of contrast and is full of three-dimensional.

 Rolex Yacht Master,

The replica Rolex Yacht Master fake watch is relatively low-key than the Rolex Submariner. After all, not all watches can comparable to Rolex. If you like the oyster type watch but don’t like the Rolex Submariner, then the  Rolex Yacht Master will be a good choice for you.

To sum up: This  Rolex Yacht Master is stylish, and the blue slender second hand adds a lot score for overall value of the fake watch. The design also indirectly reflects Rolex’s grasp of the details. Whether it’s on the splint that sails out of the sea, or in the laid-back workroom, this Rolex Yacht Master is still our ideal companion.

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