The highest version of replica Panerai 388 fake watch, which is produced by VS factory.

Today brought to you is the VS factory highest version of Panerai 388. With 45 mm diameter, full polished 316 stainless steel, sapphire glass sandwich surface structure, and super luminous. In addition, it uses the custom version P9000 automatic mechanical movement ( the only direction of the market is consistent with the original), using the original mold, super re-engrave. Let’s enjoy it together!


The predecessor of PANERAI was originally the Italian naval factory, so today’s panerai has transformed into a famous Swiss watch brand. But it still exudes a strong military watch scent. The most prominent feature is its tough domineering. Panerai has introduced a large number of watches, but because the difference in the shapes of the models are almost the same. So most of the fans are unable to distinguish the specific series and models.

The Panerai replica watch has a highly recognizable.

The classic sandwich dial, the sleek and easy-to-read large hour markers, and the distinctive design elements of the crown guard bridge make it easy to recognize the Panerai replica watch at a glance.

This fake watch uses a lacquered black dial with a pair dark black calfskin straps that present a meaning aesthetic feeling of fashion and blackness. The bezel is not only polished, but also has an anti-reflective sapphire crystal glass. It uses a classic two-hand design with a small seconds display at 9 o’clock and a rectangular calendar window at 3 o’clock. In addition, the 3.6.9 o’clock positions are uses the large Arabic numerals, and the rest are bar-shaped time scales, which are clear and easy to read.

The Panerai watch has a strong and powerful force like the Italian navy

The case uses the 316 stainless steel. The shape of the case id the inner circle and the outer square. The radian of the lugs are balance and smooth. in some extent, this rounded and full structure improving the appreciation of the fake watch.

With a screw-in waterproof front-loading crown, the side of the crown is engraved with the Panerai lightning blot. The thickness is 17 mm and the lines are bold and striking. But the side is polished smooth as jade. The case is not as bulky as other versions, and it is more delicately polished. The strap is a traditional screw-on method, and the device of the dismantle the fake watch is on the watch’s back.


VS factory Panerai 388 uses the P9000 movement that self-produced by VS factory. The balance wheel and balance A class position are consistent with the original. Completely different from the appearance of domestic Tianjin movement and Shanghai Movement. The integrated movement greatly enhances the stability and precision of the movement and extends the service life of the movement. The manufacturer promises that the watch has reached the positive and negative error within 15 seconds.

The overall texture is soft and comfortable

There has Geneva culture on the side of the movement, the overall movement looks very neat. The bottom cover is also meticulously crafted and has a high-transparent sapphire back cover glass.

With a black calfskin leather strap, the line is delicate. Besides, the texture is soft and comfortable, and it is comfortable to wear. Using the large pin-type steel buckle, and there has the “Panerai” classic logo on the side of the buckle. The 388 strap is the calfskin strap, which is a bit harder on the new watch. After wearing it for a while, the effect will improve obviously . Of course, you can also order the crocodile belt directly. The buckle design of Panerai follows the most classic ans generous pin buckle design of Panerai. The same polishing design echoes the overall case!

The Panerai replica watch has a strong and powerful force like the Italian navy. wearing it is like carrying a chic elegance.

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