N factory replica Rolex Air-King fake watch, which is unpopular but has a very high value!

Rolex Air-King series was born in 1945. After the end of the World War II, Rolex founder Hans Wellsdorf made a series of aviation-themed watches for the British Royal Air Force pilots of the Battle of Britain. The Air-King series is among them, and the only one that has survived until now. The Air-King has a history of 71 years. In addition, the new Air-King continues the aviation original of the original watch.

Rolex Air-King

The Air-King series should be familiar to the old watchmakers. The simple summary is that it was the entry-level series of Rolex. In 2014, it was incorporated into the Oyster Perpetual Series, which was the end of its history. I did not expect to be born again in the 2016 Basel exhibition. Although it is not the same as the previous Air-King, it really belongs to the Air-King series, which was named in the history of aviation and the price is favorable.

Many friends saw this watch will link to another classic Rolex watch.

On the left is the new Rolex Air-King, and on the right is the Rolex Explorer II. These two models are comparable to the brothers, one is little sporty and another is little low-key. Today we want to introduce is the new Rolex Air-King on the left.

The N factory replica Air-King fake watch.

Let’s take a look at the parameters of N factory .

Rolex Air-King NV7 version 116900-71200

Material: 316 stainless steel

Power reserve: 56 hours

Movement: 2836 movement

Diameter: 40 mm

Case material: 316 stainless steel

Dial’s color: black

dial’s shape: round

Glass material: anti-scratch sapphire crystal glass

Crown material: stainless steel winding crown; screw-in double-lock double waterproof system

Strap’s color: silver

Strap material: stainless steel; oyster; three-row chain link

Buckle’s type: folding buckle; oyster insurance folding buckle with 5 mm easy-adjustable chain extension system

Buckle material: stainless steel

Back through: screw-in bottom cover

Waterproof: 100 meters

Function: anti-magnetic

It is the first time for Rolex to make the two-color logo design of the golden crown and green ROLEX in the history, and it has attracted many people’s attention. The design of the Mercedes-Benz hand plus the 3.6.9 hour-mark design, at first glace, is though to be the new Rolex Explorer watch. There are too many elements in this watch that are worth dig deep. According to the Rolex’s consistent style, the new disclosed is just the tip of the iceberg. This replica Air-King is worth digging because it fits my aesthetic.

Rolex Air-King

N factory Air-King, 40mm diameter, genuine mold opening, anti-magnetic inner bottom cover, new folding buckle, buckle inside lettering 3QP. Just like the original, the head has only one gear to adjust the time gear. The 2836 movement is stable for a long time.

Two-color logo

The two-color logo design is unique in the history of Rolex. This is the first time Rolex has used the Golden Crown logo and the green ROLEX font in the watch. It can also see the expectation of the Rolex brand for this replica watch. Will it be the next Green Rolex Submariner?

Mercedes-Benz hand

The Mercedes-Benz hand is not unique to the new Air-King. It is used in the series of explorers and submariner, but it is the first time that Air-King has adopted the Mercedes-Benz design.

the crown of Rolex Air-King

The restoration of the shape of the small crown is in place. Besides, the relief of the crown is quite detailed.

the buckle of Rolex Air-King the buckle of Rolex Air-King the buckle of Rolex Air-King

Rolex new polished folding buckle, the internal lettering and buckle compression and feedback are very good.


This is the first anti-magnetic watch of the Air-King series. For this point, the N factory is also unambiguous, although the back cover is invisible, but there is no cut corner.

The 40 mm dial is more in line with the public’s aesthetic standard. The original use the 904 stainless steel, while N factory use 316 stainless steel, the appearance of the material is difficult to distinguish, the polishing and drawing is in place.

Rolex Air-King

After evaluation:

  1. In terms of texture, I can say that it is amazingly consistent. All the steels are polished and rounded. This kind of exquisite texture is also because the details of all aspects are very well done.
  2. The dial can’t able to distinguish between true and fake at first glance, even the green hand is very similar.
  3. The logo of the dial is the easiest place to make a difference. Of course, it is not unexpected. Except for the crown, there is a slight difference after the high scale of the color.
  4. The printing of the Air-King is all three-dimensional, so it is very good. The N factory has also achieved such an effect.
  5. The 6-point letter AIR-KING, where K is irregular, is also printed very delicate.
  6. All literally printed typographical fonts are exactly the same.
  7. The scale is also very solid. Almost nothing error can be fond.
  8. The center axis of the hand is also perfect.

Rolex Air-King

To sum up: We can see that Rolex gives a lot of special meaning for Rolex Air-King. And the quality of the N factory replica Rolex Air-King fake watch is obvious to all of us.

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