JJ factory replica Vacheron Constantin Oversea series 47040 fake watch

Vacheron Constantin  it has several series: Patrimony heritage series、Traditionnelle series、Malte series、Overseas Collection、Métiers d’Art series……then, the focus of the series is on the four seas, with exquisite craftsmanship and elegant aesthetics. the official type is: 47040/ b01a-9093.

Below is the JJ factory oversea series and the real goods comparison and evaluation, the only genuine goods on the market disassemble the model of the four seas. Import 9015 automatic machine core. The original size: 42mm in diameter and 9.7mm in thickness.

literal: each font is copied and molded separately to ensure the same specifications, using the same high-end filling and glaze process as the original to ensure the same gloss color, text position, calendar font size and original. case: 9.7mm thick, 42mm diameter, consistent with the original specifications, line, chamfering, cross-cutting surface sand are all hand-carved, each part with screws, head are individually QE quality inspection to show the original installation temperament, each case accessories can be and original installation universal, and the hidden beam and column is very simple.

Bottom cover: the same corrosion printing process as the original, the type 47040, the beginning code 131, 150M waterproof, etc. are clearly visible, the font is neat.


Watch buckle: same as original double press fold button, pull fold place has 4005 steel print, pure fine steel polishing, more beautiful grinding.

Conclusion: One point for the price, the JJ factory is a real model, because the production cost is high, the details are controlled, the pasts are made more fine, and can meet your critical eye.

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