N factory’s V7 version replica Green Rolex Submariner fake watch, what is the different between the 3135 movement and 2836 movement?

A lot of friends will mention a question that which movement is better of V7 version Green Rolex Submariner? 3131 movement or 2836 movement? Today we will briefly talk about this issue. The V7 version can match with the Super 3135 movement, the Seagull 2836 movement and the Swiss 2836 movement!

How to choose these three movements?

First talk about the 3135 movement, this movement is modeled on the original 3135. So the functional performance is consistent with the original, including the twisting crown and the direction of the hand. (If you want to be the same as the original, it is recommended the 3135 movement).

Secondly, the stability of the Seagull movement 2836 movement is OK. But if you want to wear a watch for 3 years and 5 years, it is still necessary to consider it. Compared to 2836, 3135 is also expensive for a few hundred yuan.

The dial of the 3135 Green Rolex Submariner is the same as the genuine radioactive dial. The green will change into different color with the light changes. When the light is strong, it will show emerald green, and when the light is weak , it will show a normal green.

Pay attention to the Rolex LOGO lettering in the bezel. N factory adopts the same double lettering with the same authenticity, obviously the lettering is clear, the texture is strong. But all other versions on the market are single lettering, the crown LOGO is consistent with the original.

The number “1000 and 300” has been upgraded many times, basically the same as the original. But in fact such a small word, in the normal wearing social distance, can be completely ignored. Pay attention to the “F”, The V7 version Green Rolex Submariner are long F and no short F, while the original has both of them.

The different craftsmanship between the N factory and other small factory.

The scale of the Green Rolex is offwhite, and the scale is also the key to distinguishing the type of the factory. The scale of the small factory is white paint, so it looks very white, very fake. The authentic scale is the same platinum scale as the N factory, with a little gray。 In addition, everyone can pay attention to the anti-counterfeiting LOGO in the direction of 6 o’clock, N factory uses laser engraving, the same position as the original. Here is also a key to distinguishing large and small factories. The anti-counterfeiting of the big factory is the same as the original one. It is not easy to find. The small factory’s 6-point LOGO can be seen at a glance.

The glass is still uses sapphire glass, the calendar is blue-coated. In addition, the blue coating is generally easy to see under the angle and sunlight, and the green sapphire sapphire glass is perfectly transparent.

The back cover bezel of the V7 version 3135 Green Rolex Submariner is polished fine. The spring bar is thick and durable, unlike some of the small factories, which used inferior quality material. So we always say the cost determines the quality.

Let’s take a look at the movement. The N factory uses the 2836 movement from V6 version, while the V7 Green Rolex Submariner uses the 3135 movement. The same red color as the original color, correct the internal structure, can achieve the same sound, feel, adjustment method as the original.

Finally,we will teach everyone how to distinguish the 2836 movement and 3135 movement.

First, from the appearance.

The Green Rolex Submariner has different appearances with different movements. The glass of the Seagull 2836 is A-marked, and the 3135 movement is a label with a small crown.

Second, manual winding.

Seagull 2836 movement: rotate the head counterclockwise. When the clock is rotated clockwise, the sound is rustling.

3135 movement: when the winding is rotated, the sound is light.

Third, adjust the time

When the Seagull 2836 movement rotates the head counterclockwise, the and is clockwise.

When 3135 movement rotates clockwise, the hand is clockwise.

Fourth, adjust the calendar

When Clockwise, the 3135 work very fast, while the Seagull 2836 is very slow.

Summary: It is undeniable that the Rolex Submariner series is one of the most successful styles in the replica watch industry, and it is also the best-selling, and is popular among many fans. Through the N factory v7 version of the replica Green Rolex Submariner fake watch, we will find that the N factory watch is very attention to detail, the attitude of excellence is commendable. If it is the first time for you to buy a replica watch, I recommended you buy the replica Rolex Submariner fake watch.

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