JF factory replica Audemars Piguet fake watch AP15707, fulling sense of sporty, a dark horse

The mechanical men’s watch of Audemars Piguet’s 15707 ceramic case, which is the JF factory’s Audemars Piguet, is loved by countless watchmakers. The watch introduced to you today is the upgraded version, from the dial to the movement.

The wear-resistant of this watch is quite good.

This replica watch is made of ceramic material like the original. The case is made of ceramic brushed from the case to the outer ring to the crown. This is mainly because the ceramic material is not easily damaged by wear. Some friends worry that the watch will be bruised when fall into the ground. I will explain here that it will not be damaged. The ceramic here are oxidized and forged, and the damage is very high. However, the replica watch is like your mobile phone, when they fall into the ground, it will be distressed if it is not damaged. So even id the ceramic case is wear-resistant, it will not stand the impact.

Most of the watch is black, it is based on black, the dial is dotted with a little orange. It is also because this is a diving watch, the orange turntable is also for chronograph, and its design is also unique. The particles of the chocolate design on the dial are full, the three-dimensional feeling is obvious when protrusion. It is known that its grinding process is also good.

This fake watch is also a sapphire glass with a blue protective film on it, which allows us to see the time distribution on the dial even under strong light. And this improved surface glass permeability is also very good.

The magical way to chronograph.

We can see the 0-15 minutes is the chronograph ring, which is mainly used for manual chronograph, especially suitable for those friends who love diving. Turn the orange chronograph ring by crown in the upper left corner, turn it to the position you convenient to chronograph, and then you can begin to chronograph.

The case is made of ceramic, but the hexagonal screw on the case is made of fine steel material. Its layout is uniform and smooth, which is in sharp contrast with the brushed ceramic material, so that the replica watch is no longer monotonous.

This watch’s calendar is coated with a light blue film, which is designed to easily read the numbers on the calendar window under intense illumination. Look at the size of the calendar and the lines.

The time scale on the dial is the same, and the time scale is evenly distributed, which is consistent with the original.

These three hands are different in color, and the minute hand is used for manual timing. When you need to chronograph, you only need to turn the orange dial to the initial position of the minute hand. With three hands of different colors, it greatly facilitates the diver’s identification time.

The side of the replica watch has a distinct layering, soft lines and texture. It is not because the watch is mostly black based on the steel, and the black ceramic gives a softer feel, but the surface is simple but yet temperament.

The details of the case and other parts.

The case is made of all-ceramic brushed wire. The wire drawing is deeper than the steel, more three-dimensional, and the edges and corners are sharp enough. But to explain to everyone that in addition to its positive side is the drawing process, its edge is the grinding process, not the entire ceramic casing of the watch is drawn. The chamfering of the lugs is relatively mild, and the place where connect the strap is titanium alloy. The screws on the upper case are made of stainless steel. And the back cover and buckle are made of titanium alloy.

Black rubber strap, the flexibility is better.

The matte black rubber strap with titanium alloy buckle is very beautiful. Look at the AP letter on the buckle. It is laser engraved, while the interior is sandblasted to restore the authentic level. It is very rare.

The AP logo is printed on the inside of the strap. The color from the font engraving is consistent with the original. And then from the letter layout and spacing is also beautiful and regular.

This watch is more careful in the handling of the movement.

It uses a circle of three-flower suspension with iron wire, which is more professional and careful than other manufacturers using a red plastic sheet.

This movement is equipped with the JF factory’s 3120 movement. Its basic movement is the 9015 movement, the performance is not only stable, but also accurate in travel time. The back is also a sapphire glass with high definition to see the structure of the movement at a glance.

The details of the watch’s bottom.

The letters on the deck are laser-engraved and burnt with gold. The three-dimensional effect is not printed. The deck uses a new mold-opening process to make the movement’s structure closer to the authentic level. The scale process on the back cover is also good. The color of the scale is well-positioned. The three-dimensional effect is particularly strong at different angles, and it seems that the simulation is very high. At first glance, you can’t find that it is an imitation watch. The back cover is also made of titanium alloy. The screws are fine, the grinding is smooth, and the size of the particles is also consistent with the original.


The diameter of this replica watch is 42 mm. Most people can wear it, as long as your hand is over 16 cm, and its effect are very good.
It won’t be lacking in beauty because it’s big, as long as your hand meets the above conditions and is absolutely handsome.

JF factory v8 version replica Audemars Piguet 15707 ceramic case mechanical men’s fake watch. No matter from the quality to the workmanship has been greatly improved, which also makes the watch’s process more and more close to the authentic level.

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