JF factory replica Audemars Piguet AP15706 fake watch

First of all, we know the whole situation of this fake watch. The bumblebee watch at the JF factory is 42MM in size. For watches with larger wrists, the case uses the same forged carbon fiber as before. Ceramic rings, forged carbon fiber in marble patterns. Painting and polishing, clear patterns, fine lines, better production. The circle is still the octagonal shape that Peter has, with eight hexagonal precision steel screws, which are tightly bound to the ceramic rings. The edges of the case and ceramic rings are polished and polished. It’s more comfortable without scraping.

This kind of big bee is made by the re-engraving factory JF factory.Using the same forged carbon fiber shell as the original,Ceramic outer ring and back cover,Titanium alloy watch buckle,The workmanship is more exquisite than that of AP15706, which also USES forged carbon fiber.The top technology in chronometer, From materials to processing,Precise details!Dial and shell cover,JF factory is made in strict accordance with its proportion after decomposing the genuine products.

Because no matter from scale, font, color, logo position,

The timing dial’s radiation texture and even the texture of forged carbon are impeccable.

The bumblebee uses a spinning head.As a diving replica watch,It’s more waterproof.The three heads are made of rubber.The rotary press is comfortable and feels good.The top right head decides that the big second hand moves and stops when the running second is timed,The lower right head allows the chronometer to return to 12.The head at the middle three points is used to adjust the time,A calendar. The JF on the shell is made of carbon fiber just like the real thing.The ceramic border is made and polished to be the same as the original.Details such as screws are also accurate.Forged carbon case,With a beautiful marble texture,The forged carbon surface of JF is shiny,The pattern is obvious,JF shows high quality in all aspects.The work of the JF hornet then had to admit that it was hard work.

Beautiful back cover,The font is very sharp.The outer ring adopts drawing technology.The inner ring is sanded.Contrast the elegance of the font.The back of the shell,The Royal Oak Offshore cast by JF has a strong three-dimensional sense.More striking,The texture is perfect!Fixed with 8 screws corresponding to the genuine watch case.Very strong,With waterproof rubber rings,Excellent waterproof performance.The replica watch movement is changed from 7750 to 12 position.After the JF factory debugging and processing,The movement is accurate, Stability,It’s very durable.Audemars Piguet the repair rate is very low.

Conclusion: this one is quite right to love as the grade of three top fake watch brands.But that’s not going to work with many of my Cousins’ wallets.So, The famous watch city reengraved here also hope you can Satisfy desires,JF factory’s love of the bumblebee as much as possible to give you wear the appropriate momentum,The effect of good quality.

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