JF factory replica Cartier Calibre W7100056 fake watch——the sport style that everyone can control

The Cartier Calibre W7100056 is an entry-level classic in the Cartier brand. And it is one of the few sports styles in the entire brand. What’s more, the sporty dial design and the toughest case make this watch has a distinctive Cartier style.

The top version of the replica Cartier Calibre W7100056 fake watch is made by JF factory.

It has a total different colors such as steel case with black dial, steel case with blue dial and gold case with white dial, which perfectly realizes the original details. The dial has a diameter of 42 mm and the glass is the real sapphire crystal glass. It uses the anti-glare technology. All the time scales on the dial are marked by Roman. The 12-point setting information, the 3-point setting calendar display function, the 6-point setting small seconds display function. And the hour hand and minute hand to indicate the time display.

The replica Cartier Calibre W7100056 fake watch uses 316 stainless steel case, and is formed by a top-level CNC process. The bottom cover is a dense-bottomed structure with a brand and other text information. Besides, the movement uses a features a 7750 automatic mechanical movement that perfectly restores all functional details.

The buckle of JF factory replica Cartier Calibre W7100056 fake watch uses 316 stainless steel and the structure is the pin buckle. While, the strap uses imported rubber strap with super strong texture.

The replica Cartier Calibre series W7100056 is a sporty fake watch with a distinctive style that shows the tough side of the Cartier watch brand. What’s more, JF’s craftsmanship is exquisite, with attractive price elements to make all the fans irresistible!

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