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Omega’s two most historic and popular models, one is the Speedmaster, another is the Seamaster. Omega Seamaster is the most impressed by the modern people. It is the image of the best partner of the 007 intelligence agent James Bond to save the world crisis. In fact, the Omega Seamaster Diver 300M professional diving watch replaced the Rolex Submariner as an intelligence officer in the 1995 007 movie “Golden Eyes”. About several decades ago, Seamaster has begun its legendary journey in watchmaking history. And the great competition that has taken place between Rolex Submariner and Seamaster is still an eye-catching topic today. In addition, Speedmaster’s early appearance and elements were from the early Seamaster. Even the back of the original watch has Seamaster’s pattern. Therefore, the Seamaster become ancestor of the sports watch of replica Omega is definitely deserved.

Seamaster James Bond Limited Edition

Since the introduction of watches more than a hundred years ago. Water, dust, magnetism and shock are the four enemies of watches. In the 1920s and 1930s, watch manufacturers began to explore the methods to combat these external forces to increase the durability of the watches.

Although before the 1920s, a few watchmakers, such as Francis, Baumgartner、 Paul Perregaux  and Georges Peret were able to creat a high-quality case that provided a better seal. Therefore, it has a good water resistance, while Omega and Longines also have used this case. However, the person who really sees the potential of the waterproof watches should attribute to the founder of Rolex, Hans Wilsdorf. Because of his great vision and dedication. He really put the waterproof watch on the market and won the public’s applause. In any case, most watch experts recognize Rolex and Omega as pioneers and promoters in the study of the watch’s waterproof performance.

Seamaster Professional Ref.2254.50

Rolex focus on improving the precision of the case, the tightness of the crystal glass and the crown system. In 1927, Mercedes Gleitzes swam across the Engilsh Channel with Roelx’s oyster and spent 15 hour and 15 minutes. After media reports and advertisements, Rolex became famous overnight. Durable, accurate, waterproof, sporty flavor and courage symbol, the Rolex image is deeply imprinted in the general public’s hearts. While Omega launched Marine in 1932 and was wore by adventure Charles William Beebe. The first dive to a depth of 10 meters and set a record at that time!

Vintage Seamaster

Launched in 1948, Onega’s first waterproof watch with the name of the Seamaster, which is the 30 meters waterproof Seamaster 30. In fact, Rolex Oyster across the British Channel is definitely not a true dive watch by today’s standard. While Omega’s Mariner and Seamaster 30 are actually made by Omega’s original men’s dress watch, such as DeVille with a waterproof design. (Some models are even called Seamaster DeVille, a bit like today’s Seamaster Aqua Terra [Railmaster]).

Seamaster DeVille

Seamaster 30

At present, most watchmakers recognize that diving replica watches really enter the people’s life should start in 1954. Rolex launched its revolutionary model Submariner Ref.6204. In 1956, Rolex launched the Ref. 6538, now known as the James Bond Submariner, which is water resistant up to 200 meters (660 miles later). At that time, it was just after the war, the folks were full of hot sports and adventures. With the propaganda of the media, the atmosphere of diving and sports watches could be unstoppable. In 1971, Rolex developed Sea-Dweller with a Helium Escape Valve and is 610 meters (2000 lbs) waterproof. At the beginning of the next year, in the French Marseilles, M. Patrice Chemin and M. Robert Gauret used this model to sneak into the sea at a depth of 2,000 miles (about 600 meters) for 18 consecutive days and become an official world record.

Seamaster 300 CK14755

And today’s protagonist Omega’s Seamaster launches a real dive replica watch slightly later than Rolex, Seamaster 300 (water-only 200 meters) launched in 1957. The first generation of the Seamaster 300 is the CK 2913 with the Caliber 501 self-winding movement. And the hand is the arrow shape. 1960 Seamaster 300 re-launched CK 14755 with Caliber 501 self-winding movement. Seamaster, which is closer to the Seamaster diving style we are familiar with today, is the date display Ref.166.024 introduced in 1964. It has Seamaster Broad Sword hands, and equipped with Caliber 563 or Caliber 565 self-winding movement.

After the Seamaster 300 received great repercussions, Omega launched the Seamaster 600 and Seamaster 1000 with water resistance of 600 and 1000 meters respectively in 1970 and 71. The Omega Helium exhauster device was launched many years later. It can see that the competition between Rolex Submariner and Omega Seamaster in the current sports diving watch market is actually has a long history.

Seamaster 300 Royal Navy Circa 1969

Seamaster made a major change in 1988. The Seamaster Professional series officially appeared, the case style is more sturdy and more sporty. And the appearance is close to the today’s watch. Interestingly, the Seamaster Professional 200M pointer used a Submariner-like Mercedes-like hand. In addition to its sturdy and well-designed Seamaster Professional. Omega also offers the Seamaster 120 series, which retains the more classic dress watch style of the original Seamaster 300 series. Released in 1993, the third-generation Seamaster Professional, truly sets the style of today. At the same time, because the 007 intelligence officer acted by Pierce Brosnan in the 1995 Golden Eye was wearing this watch. And it also has a name as James Bond.

Seamaster Professional 300M

At this time, we have to talk about the other reasons why Seamaster and Submariner can lead the diving watch trend. Let the diving watch shine deeply and jump on the popular watch, that is , the promotion of the film media. In 1956, Rolex’s Submariner Ref. 6538 and its follow-up models were popular because they became the 007 intelligence officer’s watch, even nicknamed James Bond Submariner. The Omega Seamaster 300m professional diving watch has been replaced by Rolex’s Submariner as the intelligence officer James Bond’s watch since the 1995 007 film “Golden Eyes”. This mode of cooperation also continued to the later “Tomorrow Never Dies”(1997) and “Landscape” (1999), as well as the latest episode of the 007 film “Die Another Day” . In the 007 films series, the Omega Seamaster Watch is a life-saving magic weapon and even given weapon performance.

Seamaster appeared in Die Another Day

Omega Seamaster

Seamaster GMT

In addition to the quartz models, Omega’s Seamaster series currently includes the Seamaster 120M and Seamaster Professional Diver (300M) with the Caliber 1120 self-winding movement (ETA 2892-A2 retrofit). Released in 1998, Seamaster Professional GMT (also modified by ETA 2892-A2) with Caliber 1128. Seamaster Professional Chronograph with Caliber 1164 (modified by Valjoux 7750). In addition to the Seamaster Ladies Pro Auto with self-winding movement, all of the women’s watches are uses quartz movement watch. In addition to the three different sizes of large, medium and small. Released in 1993, the Seamaster Professional Diver 300M also has a hollow skeleton hand and a GMT wide sword hand.

So about several decades ago, Seamaster has already begun its legendary journey in watchmaking history. And the great competition with Rolex Submariner is still an eye-catching topic. Therefore, we said that the Seamaster become ancestor of the sports fake watch of Omega.

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