AR factory replica Rolex MILGAUSS 116400 fake watch

Rolex, as the leader of the wristwatch industry, is still one of the focus of public attention. rolex innovates again on the original basis. today, I introduce rolex 116400-gv-72,400 lightning hand green glass. In this design style, the lightning needle is the most unlike rolex. The reason why I say this is it does not have rolex’s signature small window convex lens, nor does it have triangle pit circle, which makes it plain and unpretentious. However, having a calendar is useful, and no calendar is inferior. In my opinion, it has its own beauty to wash away. let’s look at the quality data first.

[AR product] : ROLEX MILGAUSS lightening hand, blue dial green glass, ten years essence of the copy, MILGAUSS perfectly corrected all the defects of the copy during the decade, the case is stainless steel, and with the authentic packaging materials, it redefines the highest quality ROLEX MILGUASS.

On the whole, the most dazzling is the glass green border, which is why it is called “rolex green glass”. The orange “lightning” shaped second hand, known as the “lightning” hand, very famous. The watch case strap is polished with 316 stainless steel and the genuine use 904 stainless steel. The whole body looks domineering. The size of the watch is 39*42.8*13.3mm.

Rolex’s logo on the dial is full of three-dimensional, the distance between the five fingers on the small crown is moderate, and is the same as the genuine re-engraved, polished and fine. From 1 to 11, it uses a t-scale. The luminous on the scale is evenly filled. Letter printing is very clear, font size spacing is extremely close to the original, no visual difference. The mirror is not “green glass” but blue crystal glass oh, the transparency of the glass is first-class.


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The outside of the whole replica watch band is the combination of drawing technology and polishing technology, and it is staggered. Each section of the contact between the band has a circular arc of the grinding, not like some small factory to wear up to knock hands.

In the middle of the bottom cover of the replica watch is a pure drawing process, simple and clear. The grinding of wave gears is exquisite, and the spacing is in accordance with the original one to one. Rolex logo in four directions and the letters on the edge are very clear. The connection between the head and the band is perfect.

This movement is 3131 movement.

With a two-tone luminous effect, it is very fascinating, with clear reading time in the dark,  the steel clasp was polished by polished technology with clear Rolex logo and watch code. This is also to follow the authentic step by step to make a real replica.

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