Replica Tudor Heritage Black Bay fake watch with blue bezel—the charming dark blue

In recent years, the watch with blue color as the main color has rapidly entered people’s field of vision and has become one of the trends of the current timepiece. The blue watch creative design of pursuing the exquisite and full of men’s deep and sagacious has gradually become the brand’s “contention”. In 2016, Tudor launched many classic  Heritage Black Bay to pay tribute to the series of timepieces that were launched in 2012 and made great achievements. Among them, this replica Tudor Heritage Black Bay fake watch with blue bezel watch is particularly eye-catching. Especially the fascinating dark blue on the dial and bezel is so deep that it is impossible to extricate itself. Let us take a look at it together. (Model: M79230b)

Tudor Heritage Black Bay

The classic and fashionable blue flower——Tudor Heritage Black Bay

The small blue flower is one of the masterpieces of Tudor. Compared with the black and red models, this Tudor Heritage Black Bay, known as the “Midnight Blue” is neither too ostentatious nor too low-key, always full of exquisite and lively flavor. The blue color on the bezel is the highlight of this timepiece. Because the popular things will be forgotten after the passage of time. Therefore, the designer abandoned the large blue design, only used a circle of “blur” as a decoration, so that this dark blue is permanently lit in the human’s heart. It will not be “submerged” due to the decline of the trend, fashion classics. And each Tudor Heritage Black Bay is very versatile. If you change a strap, the style will be very different.

Tudor Heritage Black Bay

We use GEN for authentic and REP for replica

original and replica

This is an unidentified picture. Can you distinguish which is authentic?

original and replica original and replica

Summarize the font contrast

1. After looking at it for a long time, this watch is very well done. Can say that the whole is very hard, polished also very good.

2. The blue color of the bezel is very deep and low-key blue in the case of poor light. It is different to distinguish the difference. But after facing the light, the authentic bezel has a very good reflective feeling, but the replica has no.

3. The whole weight is very close. When shaking, the authentic’s sound seems to be a little smaller.

4. The night pearl feels great and without burrs. The original night pearl is slightly concave.

5. The hand is polished and done very well. It is very close with the original.

Summarize the dial

1. The whole scales and the printing are almost perfect, even the small word “swiss made” at 6 o’clock perfect. But compared with the original, the stereoscopic effect is not strong enough, it is slightly flatter than the genuine one.

2. The whole dial numbers are uses the luminous scale, a bit like the Rolex Submariner. There is no problem with the Tudor luminous. I can’t find any difference, even the color is the same.

3. After zooming in many times, we can see the difference of the luminous beads at 12 o’clock position. The original is more ceramic white, while the replica is ivory white.

4. The scale of the bezel gives us a sense of matte metal, the texture is close, but not enough.

5. The luminous fill of the hands, there has a little bit overflow of the replica’s hour hand. It shows that replica is always replica, which should be inferior in the quality inspection.

crown crown

The biggest difference in the side contrast is Logo.

Why is it called small blue flower and red flower, because the crown is craved like a flower and this is the Tudor Rose logo.

In fact, this code can also directly distinguish the original and replica. The original use of laser, while the replica is engraved, there is a feeling of concave.


The buckle is very round. Besides, the lettering inside is very stereoscopic and completely consistent.


The original luminous is really bright.

To sum up: The dark blue on the wrist fake watch, which is not afraid of the passage of time, is still fresh for a long time. And its infinite charm and attraction make people addicted to it. This watch is also one of the classic timepieces with outstanding performance in 2016. The outstanding value and high cost performance make this replica watch popular by many watch friends one it is launched. Especially the fascinating dark blue on the dial and bezel is so deep that it is impossible to extricate itself.

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