Replica Jaeger-Lecoulter Master Geographic fake watch and Jaeger-Lecoulter Clown, which one do you prefer?

Jaeger-Lecoulter Master series watch is a classic example of timepieces. It has elegant lines and practical functions. In addition, Jaeger-Lecoulter Master series conveys the elegant tradition of timepieces. The classic aesthetic design combined with outstanding technical performance demonstrates the quality and reliability of the reason and development movement of Jaeger-Lecoulter. The Jaeger-Lecoulter watch began accepting the “1000 Hours Control” in 1992, and now, the established technical specifications have become the standard that every Jaeger-Lecoulter watch must pass. Today, I will bring you two replica steel models from the top replica factory: Jaeger-Lecoulter Master Geographic & Jaeger-Lecoulter Clown.  So, which one do you prefer?

Let’s appreciate the charm of the Jaeger-Lecoulter Master Geographic

Newly introduced in the replica industry is the unique style of Master Geographic. All functions are synchronized with the original as well as the movement balance and details are close to the original. Daylight saving time is a local time system that is artificially defined for saving energy. The unified time adopted during the implementation of this system is “Daylight Saving Time”.  Generally speaking, in the early summer of dawn, it is considered that the time is advanced by one hour, which can enable people to get up early and go to bed early, reduce the amount of illumination, and make full use of the lighting resources, thereby saving lighting power.

The watch’s function diagram

The “1000 Hours Control” project

Every piece of Jaeger-LeCoultre’s watches must pass the strict “1000 Hours Control” project. In addition, this test program is unique to Jaeger-LeCoultre and lasts for 1000 hours. The test items are comprehensive and strict.

Therefore, the “1000 Hours Control” mark will be engraved on the bottom cover or oscillating rotor of the watch. And this means that this watch has been tested in the Jaeger-LeCoultre laboratory and successfully passed tests including time accuracy, temperature, atmospheric,  impact resistance and magnetic resistance, and waterproof performance. Therefore, this watch can withstand the general movements encountered in daily life when wore. Besides, the “1000 Hours Control” project far exceeds the regular test range prescribed by the Swiss official. The routine test only covers part of the movement. The Jaeger-LeCoultre not only tests the movement before assembly, but also tests the finished watch.

The replica watch is also the same. This replica of the Jaeger-Lecoulter Master Geographic need to undergo a rigorous QC test, waterproof test, through layer-by-layer adjustment. Finally, it can ship after passing all tests.

Jaeger-Lecoulter Master Geographic Jaeger-Lecoulter Master Geographic Jaeger-Lecoulter Master Geographic

The case of the Jaeger-Lecoulter Master Geographic

This replica watch is made of 316 stainless steel case with a diameter of 39 mm. The watch has a power reserve display function, date display and a 24-hour display. In the picture below, we can not only see the JL logo on the steel crown, but also the quick-tuning button at the 2 o’clock of the watch, which is use for quick-tuning the date.

crown crown

Daylight Saving Time

The adjustment of daylight saving time needs to use the crown on the 10 o’clock position. Firstly, rotate the crown to the window at 6 o’clock. Use the triangle pointer to indicate that the city name corresponds to your city. Pull the crown at 3 o’clock and adjust it for 1 hour faster.

To display the summer time of the control city, push the 3 o’clock crown back to the first gear, and slow down the small dial time to synchronize it with the main dial time.

The power reserve display at 10 o’clock on the dial, from the picture we can see that the watch can provide at least 40 hours of power reserve after fulling of strings. The replica Jaeger-Lecoulter Master Geographic uses a  custom-made movement to rebuild the Cal.939 self-winding movement, with a power reserve of about 44 hours.

Jaeger-Lecoulter Master Geographic 

The date display device on the 3 o’clock position, we can adjust the date by the tool attached to the watch, that is, a correction button at the 2 o’clock position on the case. Note that the watch cannot be calibrated from 8.30 pm to 3.30 am, because during this time the performance will  change date and calendar automatically.

Jaeger-Lecoulter Master Geographic 

The second time zone display function is on the 6 o’clock position, and there has a 24-hour display disc beside the second time zone. It is used to distinguish whether the second time zone is noon or midnight, and the bottom is the GMT time zone selection setting.

Jaeger-Lecoulter Master Geographic 

The bottom cover

The bottom cover of the replica Jaeger-Lecoulter Master Geographic is consistent with the original, using sapphire crystal glass bottom design. The interior is equipped with a custom-made movement to change the Jaeger-Lecoulter Cal.939 automatic movement, vibration frequency 28800 times per hour. Provides a power reserve of around 44 hours after fulling the spring. The water resistant is 50 meters and can wear for simple wading activities. However, it cannot be worn during diving, nor can it be worn while sailing or paddling.

The buckle and the strap

The original is the American crocodile leather strap, and the replica adopts the Italian calfskin strap. The buckle is made of 316L stainless steel. The left side of the buckle is engraved with the English logo—JL. After the buckle is opened, the middle of the buckle is engraved with the English full name logo of the Jaeger-LeCoultre, and the English notes made by SWISS MADE in Switzerland are synchronized.

buckle buckle

The wearing effect is very beautiful, and it is best to match it with the formal dress.

There has 4 colors for you to choose from:

white dial with steel bezel

white dial with steel bezel 

white dial and gold bezel

white dial and gold bezel

black dial with gold bezel

black dial with gold bezel

black dial with steel bezel

black dial with steel bezel

Next, let’s take a look at another formal dress of Jaeger-LeCoultre—— Jaeger-Lecoulter Clown. It is also one of the hottest models.  It is not only not ugly, but also a very temperament watch.

Jaeger-Lecoulter Clow

Series: Jaeger-Lecoulter Master series

Size: 39mm x9mm

Movement: Japan 9015 automatic movement changed to Cal.938 movement

Function: hour, minute, second, date, power display

Glass: sapphire glass

Strap: calf-leather strap

Buckle: folding buckle

waterproof: 30 meters

Jaeger-Lecoulter Clown


The details of the Jaeger-Lecoulter Clown

Grinding upgraded the cal.938 movement with the automatic tortoise engraving process, three roasted blue steel small hands. The three-dimensional hour hand and minute hand is half polished and half-blasted.

movement buckle

Strictly speaking, as long as highlighting the wearer’s formal, capable and rigorous business attitude, such watches can be counted as business watches. The rose gold case of this Jaeger-LeCoultre watch, with its simple dial and leather strap, is an eye-catching formal watch.

In contrast, I am more interested in the Jaeger-Lecoulter Master Geographic. So, what about you, which one do you prefer?

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