The AR factory V2 replica Rolex Daytona fake watch and the original edition, what’s the different between them?

When it comes to Rolex, I can say that it is well known brand, which is very popular in China. In recent years, Rolex has always been highly valued in China. Today’s protagonist is AR factory’s V2 replica Rolex Daytona that many watch friends want to wear. It is not only the Rolex mess version that is not common in Daytona International, but also the classic color that we all like very much.

The Rolex Daytona series has a 50 years history since launched in 1963. His name is derived from the American Daytona racing event. Rolex sent the Daytona watch to the competition as the designated timing instrument for the competition, which was finally selected. This is also the origin of the name of the Daytona series. Today, I will bring you an AR factory new product Rolex Daytona Cosmograph with gray dial and  Rubber Strap. The biggest highlight of this watch is the use of 904 stainless steel material that is consistent with the original, the dial is very bright. In addition, we can also can it Grey Daytona.

Rolex Daytona

The simulation degree of the whole watch is very high.

The simulation degree of the whole dial is very high. To achieve such a height, it is obvious that the AR factory has to pay a lot of effort to develop. But there still has shortcoming. This AR factory’s V2 Rolex Daytona can’t use the left and right timing dial. The other functions are the same as the original. Speaking for this, the friends who have high expectations for this watch must be dejected. But there still have some friends say that there is no serious problem. After all, the timing function is not the most important, and the appearance reduction and time stability are their biggest concern.

AR factory's V2 Rolex Daytona

40 mm diameter with 904 stainless steel case, from overall, the gray dial is cold and restrained. With the black bezel, and combining the high-tech and extraordinary aesthetics. The sense of nobility is instantly enhanced. The length of the hand is suitable, the hour and minute hand are thicker than the second hand. It is easier to read the time. Besides, the luminous powder is also filled in the scale, and the luminous effect is very good.

AR factory's V2 Rolex Daytona

The two small dials at 3 o’clock and 6 o’clock are changed to the decorative function.

There are 3 small dials, which are the chronograph minute hand at 3 o’clock, the chronograph hour hand at 9 o’clock, and the regular second hand at 6 o’clock. In order to pursue the stability of the movement, the AR factory canceled the chronograph minute hand and hour hand functions. It means that the 3 o’clock and 6 o’clock small dial hands will always stop at 0. The movement of the AR factory watch can be said to be the same as the original except the two small dials are changed to the decorative function. The large second hand can still move after chronograph. The upgraded version is 1.5 mm thinner, and the sapphire glass id very clear and transparent.

screw-in button

The workmanship of the button

The screw-in button plays an important role to the case. It is not only protect the button from accidental pressure, but also prevent water from seeping in to the case. The curvature of the side is both bright and full of luster, and the brushed is smooth, and has a very textured feeling.


The workmanship of the bottom.

With a dense bottom design, whether it is the bottom cover polishing or the edge gear processing, it is in place. Due to the complex performance of the timing function, the stability of the movement is a problem. The AR factory has undergone a long period of research and testing, using the replica genuine 4130 movement, its thickness is 1.5 mm thinner than the previous version.  And there is no difference in the thickness of the original.

buckle buckle

The workmanship of the folding buckle and black rubber strap.

The workmanship of the folding buckle and black rubber strap is exquisite. It is more perfect to match with the whole fake watch, which is low-key and temperament. The strap is made of imported rubber material and has a strong sense of comfort under the top-level technology. The buckle is a classic Rolex oyster three-stage folding buckle, and uses the 904 stainless steel which is consistent with the case. The logo lettering on it is very clear.

Of course, this Daytona also has stainless steel strap.

Next, let us take a look at the different between the the original edition and AR factory’s V2 replica Rolex Daytona fake watch. How about its workmanship? Let us take the black dial and with stainless steel strap as example.

AR factory's V2 Rolex Daytona

1: Perfectly modified the position of the evasive hand, which is consistent with the original.

2: The new V2 version of the 904 stainless steel buckle is more delicate and perfect.

3: The overall weight of the strap and case is almost the same as the original. Correct the deficiencies and shortcomings of all copies during the decade——ceramic bezel. Conquer the thickness of the movement, so that the thickness of the case is consistent with the original. The case and the literal color are more delicate to make the visual that consistent with the original.

Contrast as follows

First of all, we take a look at the whole, AR Rolex Daytona V2 upgrade version is the original version of the mold, from the above picture can be seen that the two are basically no difference, it is difficult to distinguish with the naked eye!

Observing the watch head alone, it is difficult to see the difference between the AR factory’s V2 Rolex Daytona and the original.

The case of the AR factory’s V2 Rolex Daytona had difference with original from the visual point of view. In particular, the grinding of the rounded shape at the corners of the case is consistent with the original, and the lettering at the ear is exactly the same as the original!

The back contrast can be seen that the integrity of the AR factory’s V2 Rolex Daytona is very high, if not specifically marked, it is almost impossible to distinguish!

For the strap and buckle, it is very consistent with the original. especially the buckle polishing and polishing crown is very beautiful!

The buckle structure and lettering are the same as the original. Rolex exclusive FLIP-LOCK buckle, only the AR factory can achieve this level.

The strong place of AR is that he can reproduce the details that are the same as the original. As small as a screw, AR is specially made!

The luminous color is the same as the original, it is very beautiful blue.

AR is the exclusive manufacturer of 904 stainless steel technology in the market and has the same materials as the original Rolex. Weighed separately, AR’s results are shocking and is consistent with the original weight. The head is only 0.04g from the original, and the strap is only 0.14g from the original.

AR factory’s V2 Rolex Daytona can be said to be the strongest replica of the market.

The parameters can be seen have been improved: uses the 904 stainless steel, upgraded splint, thickness reduction in line with the original. That is the reason why this watch is well known and very popular in China. This low-key and noble glamour color can be matched with various types of clothes to suit all occasions. Don’t miss this replica watch!

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