FK factory replica Chopard L.U.C series 168544 fake watch

Chopin’s self-contained watchmaking philosophy has always touched people who love it deeply. These people also respond to this great world brand with the most loyal heart. Before, the business men’s watch introduced the brands of wanguo, gerasuti and jinjia, etc. Today, it brings to you a business men’s watch of Chopin, FK factory. The official model is 168544-3001, so let’s have a taste of the elegant beauty of Chopin.

The pointer (luminous) and 6 o ‘clock position calendar window position and complete specifications have been corrected and fine-tuned 12 times. the specifications of the refined parts, such as the ring mouth and crown, can be exchanged with the genuine products to achieve the complete 1:1 from the front details. the outer ring is fixed with screw column, and the number of screws is the same, CNC precision machining.


The movement uses a highly stable 9015 movement, and on the basis of the movement, FK adds a deep level of grinding, so that the original ordinary movement also has a certain appreciation value.


The transparency of glass is increased, which will not have any effect on reading from different angles. The upper and lower sapphire glass has a double vacuum membrane, giving off silk and SAO blue.

The 316 stainless steel of the case has a prominent sense of space. The process of sand drawing and sample making are consistent with the quality of the real product. Size; 42×12.39 (mm), the watch band adopts Italian calfskin embossed crocodile, also can upgrade crocodile skin.

Conclusion: this business men’s replica watch of Chopin can be regarded as a masterpiece of elegant retro style, simple and elegant wrist fake watch, adding a touch of gentleman elegance to business people.

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