AR factory replica rolex yacht series 116621-78801f fake watch

The temperament of the Rolex Yachts is hard and refined. As a classic nautical watch, its outstanding performance is unquestionable. The first model of the yacht was launched in 1992. The ROLESIUM Platinum Steel-type Perpetual Yacht, which was exhibited at Basel World 2012, developed the latest technology based on ergonomics, wearing comfort and reliability. Improved performance of the strap, buckle and outer ring. Today, I bring you the AR factory to work very well, and take a heart of a yacht famous watch 116621-78801, first look at the authentic data

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quipped with 904L stainless steel case, it has excellent sensory enjoyment after polishing process. The golden dial on the texture is more refined after PVD technology. The pointer and scale are attached with Chromalight luminous coating. Under the illusion, the blue light is emitted, making the time clear and beautiful.


With a diameter of 40mm, the dial is more delicate and ornamental. It is equipped with a frosted ceramic outer ring. It is still a ceramic outer ring that can rotate in both directions. The scale of the outer ring determines the texture and craftsmanship of the yacht. This scale has a bumpy appearance, a three-dimensional number, and the quality of the watch is very clever.

The dial surface is one of the biggest highlights. At 6 o’clock, the red YM English font logo is bright and not dim red. The color is soft, the thickness is suitable, the font is clear, and the radio logical disk surface is more delicate.


Side wire drawing treatment, smooth polishing, overall polishing delicate, the head is still engraved with the classic rolex crown LOGO, consistent with the real product, very smooth.

The bottom cover adopts dense bottom design technology, which ensures water proofing and tightness, and is very reliable. It is equipped with 2828 automatic machine core, which is accurate and stable to build.

The replica watch belt adopts intergold watch belt, the latest polishing oyster clasp safety folding button, grinding away the heart, so that the fake wrist watch is more attached to the wrist, convenient and reliable.

Conclusion: the products of AR factory, whether single scarlet letter ghost king or this yacht celebrity, are all excellent works of art. The detailed treatment can often reflect the purpose of whether a manufacturer has strength and craftsmanship.

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