MKS Factory replica IWC Pilot Mark XVIII fake watch, change the dial to coffee

The MKS Factory replica IWC Pilot Series is an entry-level watch, and Mark has always been popular by watch enthusiasts. In 2016, the Swiss watchmaker IWC once again presented the entry-level watch – the little prince Pilot Mark XVIII, MKS factory, although the watch has no timing function, but simple, ultra-thin, clear. Stainless steel case with calfskin watch on the dark blue dial, it is very stylish and generous. The MK factory is also a rookie watch factory in recent years. It is produced with the work of the IWC Mark 16, 17 and get people’s approval. Recently, the MK factory was upgraded to the MKS factory, and other products that followed, such as IWC Portofino, Patek Philippe Nautilus, Rolex’s Celini, did not disappoint, and have since stabilized in the replica industry.

IWC Pilot Mark XVIII

The details of the IWC Pilot Mark XVIII

IWC Pilot Mark XVIII is a very classic pilot watch with a clean and tidy dial that attracts a group of fans. This watch dial uses a coffee dial, which echoes the white scale, like a blue sky and white clouds.

IWC Pilot Mark XVIII

The function of this watch is very simple. The center has a large three-hand and a calendar window at 3 o’clock. The time scale uses Arabic numerals. Note that the 12 o’clock position is a triangle, which is used to remind the pilot of a more accurate reading time.

IWC Pilot Mark XVIII

The sapphire glass is sturdy and durable. and the case is made of 316 stainless steel. One of the upgrades is the drawing process of the case. The MKS factory is countless times to explore the original process and the completion of each process. Each drawing on the case reflects the top level of domestic watchmaking.

crown case

Look at the crown, the crown is still a gear-like design. This is very convenient for the fans when using. The top is also engraved with the brand logo of the IWC.

bottom cover

The bottom is the dense bottom with little prince’s pattern, extremely lifelike. The movement is equipped with a 9015 movement, the previous use of 2892, compared to the performance of the 9015 is better than the 2892.


The brown calfskin strap is paired with a fine pin buckle for a calm atmosphere. The lettering behind the pin buckle, the MKS factory does not cut corners, and the size and depth are one to one.

IWC Pilot Mark XVIII

This MKS Factory replica IWC Pilot Mark XVIII fake watch is not only very stylish and generous, but also simple, ultra-thin, clear.

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