ZF factory Tudor – engraving table tiller kai chengbi bay 79730 small steel shield elegant appearance

The tiller’s kai chengbi bay diving wrist watch incorporates more historical elements, drawing on the iconic “snowflake needle” clock design from the modified Submariner at the end of the 1960s, and 8mm crown elements from the 79 24 wrist watch, which was launched shortly after the first diving watch 7922 (1958). With the integration of modern aesthetic design concepts, the watch case is polished with satin finish and polished with edge polishing, which adds the beauty of fortitude of the modern watch. The unique charm of the series of tiller qichengbi bay is here.

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The blue outer rim watch, especially the attractive deep blue on the dial and the watch ring, is so deep that you can’t get out of it. Including the former tiller orchid, its dark blue dial is also very attractive.

(watch case) The diameter of the wrist watch is 41mm. Angular, masculine. From cutting casting embryos to forming using CNC machine tools, and finally adding mirror polishing and sanding and drawing wire, the process of precision grinding and reengraving of the original version can be completed. The finished surface of each ZF needs to go through more than ten processes and cooperate with a variety of grinding equipment tools and auxiliary materials. In the case of backlight, the outer ring of small blue flower wrist watch of ZF factory is blue, which is very deep and low-key. It is hard to see the difference. The whole weight was moderate, and the sound seemed small when shaken. The night pearl feels great, no burrs; The hands have to be polished well.

[dial] the black color is slightly sanded and feels the same as the original one. The LOGO and English language adopt the superposition printing technology. During the period can not be printed skew or blur uneven, so that the logo letters slightly bulge, exquisite and extraordinary.


[glass] ZF is made of the same sapphire material as the original one. It is combined with the inside and outside double-layer anti-vertigo over-penetration coating. At some angles, you will find the glass is missing. In the new design, the chain joints on both sides of the watch band are riveted and the structure is in the trapezoid shape.

[head watch lug] the head is designed with the diving meter’s rotating-in design, and the sleeve below is blue, reflecting the chronometer ring. The side of the case is polished and the mirror effect is very beautiful. Case is 1:1 original mounld of 316 l stainless steel material, wire drawing process is quite good, can see from the line of drawing the simple sense of watches, watch lug in detail processing is very reach the designated position, watch lug why small gear grinding and become, the exquisite wiredrawing grain table ear inside, a few Numbers size and the depth of engraving with authentic difference is not big, see figure on the left side of the strap connecting parts, including the bottom of the grinding is exquisite and smooth.


[movement] the machine core is designed with a dense bottom, and the bottom cover is smooth and brushed. It is very textured and is equipped with Seagull 2824 automatic mechanical machinery.

The new design of the watch band, the chain joints on both sides of the watch band are connected with rivets, and the structure is in the trapezoid shape, which makes it more difficult. The ZF follows in the footsteps of the genuine product, presenting a perfect reengraving (it can be used in common with the original). The inner shape of the watch button is quite beautiful.

Conclusion: Tudor qichengbi bay series wrist watch integrates ancient and modern design, inheriting historical classics, rich biwan family provides different choices for more consumers, from the color of wrist watch to the shell material to the strap type, a series of combinations are available for selection. Emperor tiller kai cheng bi wan wrist watch, before and after the revival of classic.

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