How to assemble the VS factory replica Panerai 312 fake watch

As an entry-level automatic movement watch, the Panerai 312 is a very classic one. The orientation of the previous old version of the escapement escape wheel shock absorber can see the distinguish at a glance. Because the authentic movement suspension is facing counterclockwise, the shock absorber is clockwise. Then the VS factory was upgraded to a new version with the same orientation. First look at the authentic information:

Panerai 312

VS factory artifact——Panerai 312. VS launches VS.9000 movement to completely solve the appearance defects, improve the stability and accuracy of the movement. The VS.9000 movement’s balance and balance deck position is fully consistent with original. Not only greatly improve the stability and accuracy of the movement, but also extend the life of the movement and ensure the stability of the movement.

Panerai 312

The back movement is traversed, and the movement is the P9000 movement from VS factory. In addition to the 441 ceramic case, the Panerai automatic watch is the first to be introduced among the white seel style.

Panerai 312

The luminous materials imported from Switzerland. It is very beautiful. The night light is relatively large, and it is a sandwich night light, which is very sharp.


The case shape is not as round as the 359, and the polished and brushed case makes the 312 more textured and layered.



Panerai 312

The strap has a more sensation, although it is Italian cowhide pressed crocodile pattern, but it is similar to the crocodile skin texture.


Next, let’s look at the emphasis. How does VS assemble a Panerai?

Since VS factory launched the first replica watch Panerai 441, the VS factory has received supports and recognition from both the entire workmanship and the excellent stability of the movement. It can be said that this is the most “artisan spirit” in the replica factory today. Although it is a new factory, it is almost paranoid to achieve the ultimate and perfection of any detail.

Panerai 312

The fitting sample is installed in order to find out if there is any problem in the combination of accessories, and reduce or avoid problems during mass production. The development and production process of the watch requires multiple trials until the test is no problem. The table was placed in sequence: VS Pam312 dial, hand, case, crown, guard bridge, bottom cover, solid machine cover, solid machine piece and screw, P9000 movement one of the core competencies of VS). The bottom row is part of the tool needed.

parts and tools

Although it seems to be a few simple accessories, but if want to assemble a relatively perfect finished watch, the workload is very large. Each accessory requires a magnifying glass QC inspection. The higher the requirement, the higher the defective rate. The hand is very easy to scratch and fog; the dial can’t have white spots, the night light can’t have black spots; the case can’t be scratched, it should be waterproof, the bridge should more strength; the movement should be stable when it goes……

Step 1

▼Starting the test, the master put the dial on the P9000 movement. After installing the dial, the master needs to perform a calendar test to check whether the calendar is smooth and whether it will be wiped to the dial. After checking no problem, it only can enter the next step: install the hand.

Step 2

The master said: It may take three seconds to knock the hand, but it takes three to five years to do it for three seconds. Installing the hand, not only the hour and minute hands turn positive, but also the calendar can be punctual. When install the hand, although the tap is light, the grasp of the force is critical. The strength of the knock is not enough, it may not be tightly loaded, and there will be a situation in which the hand is dropped later. If the knock is too heavy, it will affect the time. This leads to the fact that there are so many rework problems in the replica watches, and the assembled master and quality control are very important.

Step 3

After installing the hand, blow the case with the wind ball and you can set the case. Fix the hood in sequence, install the handle (the core on the movement), and lock the machine screws. After locking, check the strength of the winding, if there is no problem, then the assembly of this watch is completed 60%.

Step 4

Waterproof oil is a bit like jelly, viscous liquid. It is critical whether the case is waterproof or not. Waterproof oil only plays a supporting role. If the case is not waterproof, even if it is coated with waterproof oil, it is useless. A reliable accessory supplier is necessary.

Step 5

Locking the iconic guard bridge of Panerai, it seems that there has the taste of Panerai. Lock the bridge and test whether the strength of the bridge is just right.

Panerai 312

Step 6

After all the inspections are completed, use the wind ball to blow off the case and the movement. You can attach the bottom cover and tighten it. Be sure tighten to be waterproof. According to years of experience, the tragedy of most watches immersion is due to the fact the bottom cover is not tightened.

Step 7

After tightening, the automatic gyro operates normally. The head of a Panerai 312 is assembled as such. The Panerai 312 is the basic model of the Panerai P9000 movement. Many models are derived from the Panerai 312. It is also a Panerai classic work. This is one of the reasons why VS factory is doing Panerai 312.

Panerai 312

Step 8

After the head is assembled, the master begins to detect: Is the pointer normal? Will it be stuck? Is the calendar calendar smooth, can it be centered? Whether the combination of the case and the dial seamless? Is there any problem with the glass and the case? Whether the auto-turbine operation normal? Is the winding strength reasonable? Is the winding strength normal?……

Panerai 312

Step 9

Colonel meter, test movement stability and travel time. Because the VS is equipped with a new technology developed P900 movement (the existing Panerai on the market uses the movement produced by the technology of three or five years ago). So the VS movement is very stable with a polarization between 0.0-02. 30 times on the chain, the swing is about 300, and the integrated day error is controlled within 10 seconds, most of which can be kept at about 5 seconds. (The standard of the Swiss Watch Association is that within 15 seconds of the daily error, the machine is qualified), so the machine will have errors, so within a few seconds, I think it is acceptable and understandable.

Step 10

Put on a vacuum water measuring machine to check the waterproof. Machine test parameter set to 3 degrees. Due to 1 degree = 10m, so 3 degrees means the watch is stationary, can be waterproof at 30 meters.

TEST1 and TEST2 are all green lights, indicating that the meter can be waterproof 3 degrees. The watches from VS factory, daily washing hands and playing with water is absolutely no problem. But it is not recommended to take a bath with a watch. There is a possibility of fogging in hot water, and the strap is afraid of water. Because it is very easy to get wet with water.

Step 11

The movement from VS factory, which is the same as the original. Each movement has an independent and unique movement code. The label is also consistent with the original. Then doing this adds a lot of work and difficulties, but can be closer to the authenticity, and after the movement has the core code, the factory can chase the production batch of each movement code. Improving the stability of the movement.

Panerai 312

Every replica watch produced by VS will have the same label as the genuine one. The OP6900 represents the model of this watch case type, and BB1766813 represents the ID number of this watch (case). These two numbers are the complete watch ID number when filling out the warranty card. Each BB is independent and unique, only replica this number once. In addition, the label and the movement code, the case code one-to-one correspondence.

With a calfskin belt, a complete VS Pam was born.

Panerai 312

Finally, share with you the name of the tool.

  1. the wind ball. Dust blowing dust is relying on it;
  2. Movement lock frame. Usually used when the movement is repaired, fixed movement。
  3. Movement support. The movement with the automatic torus needs to be placed above, so that it will not hurt the automatic torus.
  4. Eye clip magnifier. Can see in the place to repair the watch, usually several times magnification
  5. pliers. Wide range of uses
  6. file, Like the whetstone used at home
  7. Screwdrivers of various sizes.
  8. hand pen. use to knock the hand
  9. tweezers. Small things are picked up and put down depends on it.
  10. Small brush. Brush off dust
  11. hand lifter. used to pull out the hand.

To sum up: This replica Panerai 312 combines many of the classic elements of the Panerai, attracting everyone not only the shape and super high degree of simulation, the quality of the VS factory P.9000 movement is also very high. Therefore, friends who like tough military style don’t miss this fake watch.

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