ZF factory replica Tudor 79733N fake watch

As the leader of the tiller’s diving watch series, Qicheng Biwan attracts new attention every year with its unique design. This year is no exception. At the 2017 Basel jewelry and clock fair, tiller launched a series of golden steel wrist watches called “golden axe” by its watch friends. The perfect combination of MIDI gold design and exquisite and fashionable black watch dial has attracted many people’s attention. A while ago, the famous soccer star Beckham also chose this model as his 2017 endorsement. So before it was officially released, the replica watch became a “hot” watch. Now let’s see how the watch made by ZF factory.

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This replica watch is also the 60th anniversary of the birth of the tiller diving watch, this new product followed the biwan series of classic wrist watch lines and proportions, rotating the outer ring, the rotary type on the chain crown made of gold, classic atmosphere.

Rotating the outer ring with a matte black anodic alumina word ring, similar to the dial, very beautiful. Following the classic diving watch dial design of the series, the angular “snowflake” hands, simple round, triangular and long bar chronograph can more clearly and intuitively convey the time of the moment to the wearer.

On the crown is the rose pattern of black lacquer face of tiller, which shows the characteristics of wrist watch inherited from the brand’s early wrist watch. It is worth mentioning that the design of the crown originated from the “big crown” watch model (model 7924) introduced by the rudder watch in 1958. It is worth mentioning that the central metal chain of the hinge of the wrist watch connecting the watch case is made of luxurious and ostentatious 18K gold material. The rest of the watch chain is also decorated with thick gold covering in the middle, giving the fake  watch a formal and dignified, luxurious and delicate overall look and feel. In addition, both the metal watch chain and the antique leather strap are presented with a woven band.

“Glass” government adopt consistent with the original material of sapphire, cooperate with internal and external double-layer prevent dizziness super transparent coating, under some Angle, you will find that the glass is gone ~ the lug burnish is very smooth and round, without sharp chamfer, including the wrist on the side of the edge is quite smooth, use twill gear ring mouth edge horn is additionally, its technological level is quite high.

[watch case] inherits the lines and proportions of biwan series. the delicate rotating outer ring and upper chain crown of atmosphere are made of gold, and set off with black watch rings, displaying the classic and elegant luxury sports watch characteristics. In addition, the central metal chain section of wrist watch steel watch chain is also made of luxurious and ostentatious gold material, giving wrist watch a more formal and dignified overall texture. 41 mm in diameter. Angular, masculine. Watch case unidirectional rotation for gold above 60 minutes in scale, with matte black anodized aluminium word circle design, from the use of CNC numerical control machine tool cutting cast embryo to forming, add mirror polishing and grinding of wire drawing process the original seiko polishing after the time, every ZF finished watch case, need after more than ten working procedure, and with a variety of grinding equipment tools and accessories, in order to complete.

[dial] the black color is slightly sanded and feels the same as the original one. The LOGO and English language adopt the superposition printing technology. During the period can not be printed skew or blur uneven, so that the logo letters slightly bulge, exquisite and extraordinary. The hands, including the time scale, were edged with metal and covered with a layer of fluorescent paint. The second hand bearing has a cap, and the pointer shaft is facing 12 o ‘clock, the reduction degree is very high.

[crown] adopts the rotary design of the diving meter. The front of the crown is engraved with small black flowers. The side of the replica watch is polished by polishing technology.

[movement] the back cover is made of dense technology, and the engraving on the bottom shell is very accurate and the drawing process is exquisite. In addition, a circle of triangular pit marks is added to decorate the bottom shell, making the appearance more beautiful and more authentic.

The new design of the watch band is that the central metal chain link of the wrist watch’s hinge is made of luxurious and ostentatious gold and gold plating materials. The chains on both sides of the watch band are connected with rivets and the structure is in a trapezoid shape. The difficulty is greatly increased. The ZF follows in the footsteps of the genuine product, presenting a perfect reengraving (it can be used in common with the original). The inner shape of the watch button is quite beautiful.Flip lock steel folding clasp, the surface is polished, you can feel its gloss from the picture, and its letter in the middle of the engraving depth is very obvious, like genuine.

Conclusion: some people say that the end of the rudder is the beginning of rolex. Some people refer to this golden axe needle as a “common man”, if only from the price, there is nothing wrong. Although the price of the golden axe needle is not high, the value and status of the rudder are gradually rising because some of its fake watches have become popular in the past two years. On the other hand, it would be a decent thing if we were wearing the same tiller as Beckham on our wrists.

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