Teach you how to choose a replica watch to show your taste and identify.

To be a tasteful man, you must wear a watch. Now the practicality of the watch must not be compared with 20 years ago, because there are too many things that can replace its function, but there are still many people wearing watches. Because the watch is not only a tool, but also a decoration, a good watch is the highlight of men’s dress, but also can bring out the taste of men. Many successful people do not use mobile phones to watch time, they all use watches. Because watching time by mobile phone in public is a tasteless performance for successful men.

The watch will not be outdated. The mechanical watch has been going through nearly six centuries since its invention, and its development is still rapid. It can be clearly explained. Watches are not just use to look at time, it also represent a taste. The mobile phone is just a tool, the watch can be a jewelry, or even a culture, a man wearing a watch is a classic forever! There are not many men’s jewelry, and the only thing that can show the taste and identify is the watch on the wrist. Choosing watch depends on your personality, so we can also look at the inner world from the men’s watches, from which some interesting phenomena can be followed.

Fashion and sporty style

Keywords: personality, vitality, fashion

This type of man will always have a young heart. Don’t think that the trend and coolness are just the patents of young people. Many men in 30 and 40 years old wearing a big watch with a diameter of 40mm or more, or a chronograph bezel on the dial. Besides, it makes people know that such a man must be fun and good at enjoying life.

Representative: Beritling, Audemars Piguet

Beritling, Beritling

{GF factory} The Breitling Avengers Second Generation World Time Watch(Avenger II GMT)stands out with its super practical 24-hour second time zone display, which combines a two-way rotating bezel to read the third time zone. With the authentic one-to-one replica, the super-sturdy real Swiss imported 316 stainless steel cases is equipped with side reinforcement guards (case diameter 43mm, thickness 12.2mm). GF factory promises 100% three-degree waterproof test for every replica watch, equipped with stable seagull 2836 self-winding mechanical movement. The sturdy crown with anti-slip design provides convenient and efficient function adjustment. Even the Diver Pro deep dive rubber strap is also replica one by one.

Audemars Piguet Audemars Piguet

Audemars Piguet AP15703 (15710) is pragmatic and simple as a whole. The eight platinum screws on the stainless steel case show a strong metallic style. 300 meters waterproof, even if you wear a watch to swim, there is no problem. The “sturdy” black plaid dial has an hour and minute hand and a fluorescent device at all times, allowing accurate timekeeping even in darker environments. The watch is paired with a rubber strap to make the watch sporty.

JF boutique—AP Royal Oak 15710 series V8 version equipped with replica original imported 3120 movement. The strongest replica of the market with 100% super waterproof performance. The difference between 15710 and 15703 is the transparent bottom and dense bottom, and the other is the same.

Steady and pragmatic

Keyword: dress, steady, restrained

Working hard, customer relations, public etiquette, image investment. The direct demand of the men at this stage is to conform to the identity and create a sense of taste. Although the purchasing power has different grades, the common point is to pursue simplicity and pragmatism. There is such a watch in hand, which can basically cope with various occasions.


When it comes to the kinetic energy display, the watch that has to be mentioned is the Portuguese seven of the IWC. This watch is familiat to everyone. It has a 7 days power reserve display function. The watch is a 42.3 mm diameter design with a steel case and a blue hand with a Roman numerals. The watch is equipped with the self-produced 51011 self-winding movement inside the watch. Besides, the full chain can provide 168 hours of power reserve. This is why the watch is called the Portuguese seven.

ZF factory opening the mold according to the original and dismantling one by one. In addition, each screw is prefect replica and do exactly the same. Even the kinetic energy reserve has been done for about 80 hours.

Speaking of the dress watch, you must be mentioned the Omega De Ville. Many successful man has almost a De Ville to accompany them.

Produced by MKS factory, Omega classic De Ville has a 39.5mm diameter and sapphire glass. Whether it is the original or replica, it is always the evergreen tree in the business suit. The top workmanship, and it is the highest version in the market.

Practical and connotation

Keyword: time zone, time of two places, world time

When a man’s career is beginning to flourish, you will become very busy when you dream of preparing for a career. The choice of watch will have to consider”efficiency”. Frequent business trips many dominate most of your time, so choosing a watch that is both practical and aesthetically pleasing, with quality and taste is especially important.

Business men frequently travel between two places, and it is very convenient to have a watch that can display the time zones of both places. The time of two places can be said to be a more practical function. When you arrive from your own time zone to another time zone, there will be two time zone differences. The time zone watch of the two places can not only display the home time but also the local time.


Rolex GMT-Master II is equipped with a 24 hours outer bezel, which can be read simultaneously in two time zones. The oyster case with a diameter of 40mm and made of 904 stainless steel, which is sturdy and durable. And has a good waterproof performance. The outer bezel is set with a scratch-resistant blue and black two-tone Cerachrom ring for displaying the second time zone.

N factory V7 version Rolex GMT-Master II has a green hand, black dial, 40mm diameter and sapphire glass. Equipped with the latest upgraded replica 3186 movement(the hand assembly sequence is synchronized to the original version, the hour hand is on the bottom layer, the GMT hand is on the second floor. Besides, the hour hand can be adjusted separately, which is the same as the original version).

The Panerai LUMINOR 1950 series PAM00441 is the most popular in the brand’s classic collection.

The highly recognizable bridge design, the carbon black ceramic bezel, the fluorescent large digital display scale, and the worn leather strap engrave is image into a tough temperament that is unique to Panerai. This PAM00441 adopts the self-winding movement cal.9001. The small dials at the two places are set at 9 o’clock, and the date display window is set at 3 o’clock. In addition, there are no other complicated designs, purely practical and classic.

New and innovative

Keyword: Feelings, stories, playing
Breguet 7057
Opening mold according to the original and dismantling, custom 507 movement function is consistent with the original, the appearance is infinitely close to original. Using the sapphire glass, which is very transparent, and the mechanical beauty is fully visible. Each watch is numbered separately, and not hesitate to spend large sum of money, and the numbered identically on the dial is consistent with the bottom cover. The diameter is 40mm, the process is extremely complicated, and the rotation of all the gears is kept in sync with the original.

Roger Dubuis Round Watch Knight’s model: RDDBEX0398/RDDBEX0511

Dial: colorful enamel dial
Case: 316 stainless steel with plating 18K gold
Size: 45*15.7mm
Movement: Miyota automatic mechanical movement
Because the process is complicated, the assembly is difficult. This watch is not suitable for mass production, so the quantity is very small.
The mysterious and extraordinary Excalibur Table Ronde is from the legend of King Arthur. The thick rose gold case and the classical dial of the color exude a sense of time and space, as if to really take you back to the cold weapon era wearing armor and riding a horse.
For men, the famous watches are not only a machine to master time and luxury, but a comfort to the soul. Many times, a man with a strong appearance is lonely. Then the watch can give men confidence and warmth. Moreover, It can accompany men through many lonely days.
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