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For more than a century and a half, ZENITH has been dedicated to blending the precision and beauty of mechanical watches, and has been dedicated to producing high standards of “beauty, truth, integrity, precision and exquisite craftsmanship”. As we all known, ZENITH has long been engaged in the extraordinary course of the space industry, and was the first factory to manufacture the instrument panel and the space watch.

Although the hot days are gone forever, history can be reincarnated, because there are always some people who repeat the mistakes of yesterday, and there are always some things that can pass through the tunnel of time and space and be reflected in reality again. Nostalgia is the scale of life, while retro is the product of nostalgia. Life is like a circle, walking back to the beginning.

Restoring ancient ways is to regain the unique feelings that were eliminated by The Times in the past. While warming the memory of a generation, it also brings up a fashion style again. At the 2017 Basel watch exhibition in Switzerland, ZENITH introduced a brand new Pilot Type 20 Extra Special, which is dedicated to the application of gorgeous colors and shows the new style of retro fashion. On the basis of being loyal to the brand tradition and the source, we pursue the peak of the limit, carry forward the meaningless spirit of exploration, and let the fans appreciate the important role of the real power in conquering the long space.

Zenith chose a 40mm diameter for this time. Although it is slightly smaller for pilots who are used to the big dial, it is more popular. Female watch fans can also wear pilot watches.

The XF factory has a unique and original style, which continues the traditional style of the retro pilot, and uses the genuine mold to restore the genuine quality and give the replica watchers a better wearing experience. Here are four new retro pilot models for watch fans: khaki, Burgundy red, gradient blue and cyan gray.

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Red is full of enthusiasm and unrestrained, but without losing the noble and elegant temperament,it is like a wine that has been aged for a long time, delicious and irresistible. This replica watch features a burgundy red grained dial with a deep red strap for a more feminine color appeal.

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The gradual change of deep and introverted blue is the most popular color in recent years. It is as deep as the vast blue sky, leaving endless daydream space for people. The dial is decorated with large Arabic numerals, and the center is decorated with a classic faceted pointer. The design is inspired by the aviation industry and the whole is simple and easy to read.

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Like unsweetened coffee, khaki is dull and tasteless, but after careful tasting, you will find its unique charm. The watch USES a khaki dial and a khaki strap, giving the aviator a new retro look when it’s true.

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Cyan gray is full of memories, as if polished by time to lose the luster, but more simple, the world can stand the vicissitudes of life, but also stand the test of time. “ZENITH” is printed at 12 o ‘clock on the dial, “PILOT” and “EXTRA SPECIAL” are printed in English at 6 o ‘clock, and the curved double-sided anti-dazzle sapphire crystal lens is configured.

The large knocked-in waterproof onion watch handle inherits the essence of the real force pilot series, and its wide concave crown makes the chain more convenient and simple.

The case is made of old 316L stainless steel, and the side is also engraved with the number of the label, the military flavor is strong. The gauge is 40mm in diameter and 13mm in thickness, which is the size specially designed for small wrist when true force is applied.

Sealed design, the back is engraved with the exquisite retro design of the real force when the shield, in order to ensure more accurate and stable walking, equipped with the wearers more assured Japanese imports of the 9015 mechanical core.titanium metal needle type watch button, not only simple to use, but also engraved on the side of the clasp when the classic five-star sign.

It is equipped with oil abrasive band, rubber protective liner, neat line and comfortable to wear.

Conclusion: the pilot series perfectly interprets the true meaning of exploration and innovation in the real force, and the colorful dial also meets the aesthetic needs of different consumers. The new retro trend design highlights the fashion elements, which is also the alternation and collision of the old and new times.

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