Replica Blancpain 6651-1127-55B fake watch—The rare dress watch among Blancpain

Nowadays, many people are paying attention to complicated chronograph watches. They always think that such watches are very prestige. For various reasons, they have produced visual aesthetic fatigue, and even thinks the concise and temperament watches are no longer exists. The concise watch has no too many words in the design, the function is simple. The large three-hands are matched with the calfskin strap, have temperament but will not lose its connotation. It is mature and steady, and matching suits will complement each other. Today, we will bring you a concise replica watch, Blancpain 6651-1127-55B, which is a dress watch, produced by ZF factory. The classic style will never be eliminated, the simple function and concise design will no let the watch friends forget.

dress watch Blancpain 6651-1127-55B

The world’s first diving watch is also from the Blancpain

When it comes to the Blancpain, many people will think of diving replica watch. Yes, the Blancpain Fifty Fathoms diving watch is very popular in both counter and the replica. The world’s first diving watch is also from the Blancpain. Maybe some people don’t know much about it. Since its birth, Blancpain has always adhered to the belief of only making mechanical watches, not only as a pioneer in the field of watchmaking, but also more popular among consumers. This simple Blancpain watch is not as complex as a chronograph or double-chasing watch, and it has a pure meaning of recording time. And your full literary temperament is the lack of a watch full of literary styles to match.

Blancpain 6651-1127-55B Blancpain 6651-1127-55B

Overall, the watch is very simple, there is no design language such as chronograph, double chase hand, etc. The pure white dial on the sapphire glass is inlaid with a Roman numeral watch. It has a strong three-dimensional effect and is equipped with a simple large three-hand willow-shaped hand. It is a perfect blend of the charm of the men. Although the three o’clock calendar window is a bit small, it does not affect the reading time at all. 40 mm diameter, 8.7 case thickness, as long as the wrist is not too thick, can be fully controlled, highlighting the ability.

dial dial

This watch will not oxidize or yellow.

Looking at the details of the dial. The dial uses enamel material, anti-oxidation and corrosion resistance, the chemical stability is very good, even if the years move, it will still glory. Some white dials will oxidize or yellow, but this fake watch will not occur this phenomenon. But the burned enamel, if not well controlled, it will burst, so the yield is not very high. The Rome digital time scale protruding the dial, which is very stereoscopic, and the logo printing is clearly visible.


The slot at the three o’clock position is a calendar window. When zoomed in, it uses double-layer design to increase the layering, and the printing of the font is not rough and relatively regular. The simple willow hand stands in the center of the dial, and the tail of the second hand is the logo of Blancpain.

crown case

The whole case used 316 stainless steel. The glass polishing process is very dazzling. The whole watch case is full, the lines between the lugs and the shoulder are obvious, and the gloss is overflowing. There is a blue protective film on the crown to prevent scratches.

movement bottom cover

The simulation of the movement is very high.

The bottom cover is the transparent bottom. Looking at the “heart”, the first we noticed is the beautiful automatic rotor. This automatic rotor printed logo is made of 18k gold, so it is very dazzling. The movement uses the Miyota9015 movement to change the Blancpain Cal. self-produced movement, which has a stable travel time and high simulation. Since the ZF factory uses a process of directly modifying the original deck, the thickness of the movement does not increase, so the whole watch can make thinner as much as possible. Previously, other factory used a process of adding decks, and the whole watch should be much thicker than original. The appearance of the movement is close to original, of course, the details can not be exactly the same, because the original is a self-produced movement.

movement movement

Look at the details of the movement, but to be honest, this 9015 movement is still defective. The movement pendulum is large, so when the arm is shaken during the wearing, the watch will make a creaking sound. The main cause of this problem is caused by too much pendulum. There is also a defect, that is, the problem of winding. Because it is the 9015 movement, the winding method is a one-way winding. This winding method will not affect the kinetic energy reserve of the movement, including the direct impact on the movement time. However, polishing such a beautiful movement, this small defect can still withstand.

strap buckle folding buckle

The strap is the calfskin strap, but you can DIY according to your preference.

The buckle is the stainless steel folding buckle for easy and convenient to wear. The strap and buckle is almost impeccable, and they are not boastful that they can interchange with the original.

Every piece of finished product needs to be developed by the manufacturer. With the style of mass production, there will inevitably be a place to upgrade, the classic big three-pin style, will not outdated. Showing the elegance temperament in concise.

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