VS factory replica Panerai luminor submersible PAM438 fake watch, V2 upgrade version with ceramic case and black dial

Founded in 1860, Panerai is known for its precision machinery and superior quality. The earliest was the production of precision instruments and watches for the Royal Italian Navy. Nowadays, Panerai become a world-renowned high-end sports watch brand. Inspired by the design of the sea, Panerai has positioned the brand as a premium watch in the sports and leisure sector. The Italian design style and Swiss expertise make each watch have a distinctive brand style and excellent quality. Today, we will introduce you a most representative watch—VS factory replica Panerai PAM438 fake watch with ceramic case and black dial.

PAM438 PAM438

With its outstanding research and development process, VS factory exclusively puts the Panerai P.9000 and P.9001 in line with the original’s balance wheel, and upgrades and upgrades until it is perfect. Let’s take a look at which parts did VS factory upgrade?

List the evolutionary history of VS factory Panerai PAM438

The first period: Seagull movement

The position of the balance wheel is at 6 o’clock

The second period: Shanghai movement

Using the Shanghai 7750 movement to modify the splint, it was also sensation at the time, because the Shanghai movement after changing the splint look in reverse as the balance wheel is at 7 o’clock. But the shortcoming is the position of the balance wheel can reach the same as the original.

The third period: VS factory V1 version

The white movement based on the P.9001 movement developed by VS +electroplated black splint, the balance is consistent with original at 7 o’clock.

Advantage: the position of the balance wheel is consistent with the original

Shortcoming: The movement bearing is white and the balance is white bottom

The fourth period: VS factory V2 version

With the new P.9001 black movement, each part is individually disassembled for vacuum ADLC amorphous diamond carbon coating.

Advantage: the appearance of the movement, color, the function of adjusting the time are consistent with the original, the similarity is up to 98%.

Shortcoming: No, there is the best version in the market at present.


The details of the PAM438

The overall weight of the PAM438 is 210 grams, and the ceramic carbon black strap weights is about 87 grams. But the overall will be lighter than the all-steel watch, the texture is more delicate when wearing. The case is the same as the PAM441. The black part uses all ceramic, which is comfortable to wear and has a good skin feeling. Besides, the anti-scratch and abrasion resistance is super strong, the tough texture is fine. Moreover, it can prevent light scratches and will not fade. Relatively harder and more wear resistant than steel case.


The luminous light allow the watch to read accurately in dark condition.

Exclusive patented “sandwich”dial to ensure that users can clearly read the time even in low light conditions. The screw-in bezel can be disassembled separately and the whole interior of the dial is made of pure black matte design. The three chronograph hands are synchronized with the very stereoscopic Arabic timing digital, has a powerful luminous effect. The 3 o’clock calendar window is also extremely delicate. The 9 o’clock direction torpedo-shaped chronograph second dial, the timing arrow is the central Greenwich standard chronograph hands. The glass is the anti-glare blue-coated glass with a thickness of about 5mm and excellent shock and vibration resistance.


The four corners use the design of a soft circular shape. The polished guard bridge protects the crown in all directions, and even the screws are equipped with waterproof rings. At the same time, the screws are sandblasting, the lines are smooth and beautiful. The anti-slip texture design makes the hand feel good and does not slip, ensuring accurate adjustment of the watch. Besides, there has Panerai classic logo on the crown, and the brand is full of flavor.


Equipped with a self-produced P9001 movement, the PAM438 movement also changes the position of the balance wheel, with precise travel and higher stability. The glass of the bottom cover also use the anti-glare blue-coated glass, which has very good permeability. The process of engraving the English letters is also very full and three-dimensional.


The buckle is made of PVD coated frosted butterfly buckle, which is frosted and feels very good.


It also has a GMT dual-time function, which is the same as the PAM441.

The Arabic numerals and the hands are coated with luminous material. The black design of the watch makes the luminous look clearer and brighter.

The newly upgraded PAM438, the movement is closer to perfection. Not only the appearance is firm and elegant, but also the all-ceramic material is wearable and comfortable to wear, and it is warmer and more fashionable. It is a watch that enhances the style.

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