GF factory replica Breitling Superocean II fake watch—The overlord of the sea

Some time ago, one of the most impressed customers ordered a Breitling form me. In the short communication, he placed the order from me. He very trust our product’s quality. And he made a full payment. Here, I want to say, I have not lived to you and I am very grateful for your trust in me. It shows that the quality of the GF factory replica Breitling is undoubted. Let take Breitling Superocean II as an example.

Breitling Superocean II

Breitling Superocean II

Let us take a look at the comparison of the original and ZF factory Breitling.

Breitling Superocean II

Case contrast

Opening mold 1:1 according to the original, the size of the GF factory Breitling is the same as the original, they all 44mm. The overall similarity is very high, the color of the blue dial and ceramic bezel is very close to the original. Moreover, the color difference can be neglected. The surface of the steel strap is brushed. It can be seen that the length and width of the joint or each strap are consistent with the original. As well as the size and structure of the buckle is the same as the original. This is the 1:1 replica  according to the original.

Further comparison to the dial, we all know it is the most difficult to replica blue color. Because the blue and green is difficult to adjust to the same color as the original. This is the reason why Green Submariner still have color difference with the original after modifying many times. So the color difference, the better. The dial of the GF factory have modified more than 30 times, and the color is very similar with the original. Although the color of the ceramic bezel is slightly deeper than original, the scales, wings, logo and the font are all in place.

Breitling Superocean II

The thickness of the case is consistent with the original. Besides, the logo “B” is exactly the same as the original, and the whole case shape is the same. The side case installed the automatic helium valve as the original. This helium valve can work, not like the other version in the market, which as a decoration.

Crown contrast

The GF uses the red waterproof ring on the crown, which is the same as the original (as the red arrow shows in the picture). The calendar window and the calendar font are exactly the same as the original. The wing logo on the dial is the metal solid icon, which is very delicate.

The pattern consists of diving helmet and wing on the bottom cover is very beautiful and delicate. the numeral of each watch is unique. The English font is slightly thinner than the original. Moreover, the inside of the bottom cover polished the fish-scale patterns, which is the same as the original and very hardworking.

Bottom cover contrast

Opening  the bottom cover, we can see the movement. The GF factory is made of a domestic seagull 2824 movement. After customization, the movement add polished the fish-scale pattern and Geneva pattern than the ordinary. What’s more, the automatic rotor also engraved the logo. Just the original used the Swiss ETA2824 has better gloss.

Breitling Superocean II

The domestic Seagull ST21 movement is replica from ETA2824 movement, so we usually called domestic 2824 movement. In the structure, ST21 movement is the same as the Swiss ETA2824 movement. The characteristic of the 2824 movement is high reliable, steady, precision and low repair rate. While the original used the Swiss ETA2824-2 movement, we can see the steel stamp sign of ETA2824-2 on the deck. The gloss of the Swiss movement is better than domestic movement.

The strap and buckle contrast

We can see that the size of each joint of strap is the same as the original, and brushed as the original. The texture is very thin and delicate.

Breitling Superocean II

The buckle anchor of the ZF factory and the logo pattern is very clear. The lettering of BREITLING 1884 is thinner than the original, but the BREITLING lettering inside of the buckle is consistent with the original.

{Overlord of the sea} Since its establishment, GF factory has been committed to creating and presenting the most sophisticated watch technology to meet the needs of watch enthusiasts. This time it brings a new Breitling Superocean II 44MM Special edition watch.

{Case} Extraordinary and sturdy imported 316 stainless steel case with one-to-one red double-sealed screw-in crown ( can see after undoing the crown), and also equipped with the same safety relief valve as the original, really 100% waterproof.

{Bezel} Made of high-tech anti-scratch ceramic.

{Glass} The ultra-transparent double-sided anti-glare curved sapphire crystal further ensures excellent readability.

{Movement} Top grade grinding 2824 automatic winding movement.

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