VR factory replica Green Rolex Submariner fake watch. The strongest outer bezel

The Rolex brand, both in domestic and foreign, adults and children, do not understand that watch and understand the watch, all have a deep impression, which is household name. The Submariner series is the Rolex’s masterpiece, including the Green Rolex Submariner and Black Rolex Submariner. Today, I will bring you the evaluation between this VR factory replica Green Rolex Submariner and the original. VR factory replica Green Rolex Submarine fake watch is known as the strongest replica, let us look forward to whether it is deserved. First look at the original date.

Green Rolex Submariner

In the domestic market, the N factory replica Green Rolex Submariner is well known by most people. Due to the accumulation of long-term experience and the improvement of technology, the color of the bezel is very close to the original, but there still have a little gap. Because it is very difficult to imitate the color of the bezel. First, the cost is high. Second, the process is difficult, and the color is difficult to grasp. It has always been one of the problems. The color of this watch is too recognizable, and the previous version is only achieve a high degree of similarity.

Green Rolex Submariner

The size of the chamfer and the curvature of the case are exactly the same as the original, and the height of the crown is also consistent with the original.

Green Rolex Submariner

The contrast between the original and VR factory

From the view of the same angle, the same line of sight, the radiation of the dial and the texture of the bezel is the same as the original. Moreover, the reflective effect of the steel color is also consistent with the original.

Green Rolex Submariner

The radian of ring, the color are exactly the same as the original.

Green Rolex Submariner

Under the premise of the same light, the color of the replica and the original are exactly the same.

Watch fans are eager for a better Green Rolex Submariner, this kind of voice has already been detected by the market, so there are factories to work hard and produce new Green Rolex Submariner. So, the protagonist of this article was born—VR factory Green Rolex Submariner. The above picture is the advertising picture given by the manufacture, but the below picture is the practicality picture. Let us take a look at the evaluation. GEN stands for genuine and REP stands for VR factory.

Green Rolex Submariner Green Rolex Submariner

The color of the bezel of the VR factory Green Rolex Submariner

I believe that many people will take a look at the bezel first when they get the Green Submariner. From the first sight of getting the real thing, I was deeply attracted by this green, and I was convinced by the continually enterprising spirit of the VR factory. Do not say anything else, just the color of the bezel, is not the color we have been pursuing. Its bezel is not as black as the N factory V7 version with 2826 movement, and is not as white as the 3135 movement version.

Its green is handle in place, which has a feeling of the original. In fact, the color of the bezel is hard to describe. The gloss of the reflection is not so strong, it is not so transparent, and it has a hint of milky white. If I am going to find a similarly colored object in my life, I feel like the green of emerald. This kind of green is emerald green, which is very deep, and the gross is very good, but it is not so crystal clear, many people are fascinated by this green.

Through the comparison of the above picture, the reflective effect and color contrast of all angles are the same, it is worthy of being the strongest replica Green Rolex Submariner.

The scale of the bezel is perfectly handled, including its scale font size is the same as the original. The scale of the knife edge is slightly inclined inward, which is also the same as the original method, which is very three-dimensional. The most important thing is the night pearl on the bezel, the slight uplift, just in the middle, is to create a better visual effect. But many factories are not in the middle, there is no sense of three-dimensional. The contrast between the two pieces is exactly the same. The workmanship is really great. In the case of good readability, it doesn’t look awkward. The color of the inner luminous pearl is also very good.

Green Rolex Submariner

The contrast of the dial

The green color of the dial is also very good, the deep green, and the emerald of the bezel are more layered. Different angles can reflect different luster, pleasing to the eye. Under the transparent sapphire glass, we can see that whether it is the printing of the font or the size of the logo, it is consistent with the original, which is commendable. The small bezel inside the dial is also polished and made very delicate. Classic wide and large three-hand design, the hour hand is Mercedes-Benz hand.

Both the scale and the hand have a fill of luminous light for better reading time at night or in diving. The scale includes the 12 o’clock inverted triangle and the original size is the same, but the scale of the filler color is not the same. The original is a little milky white while the AR is white. Maybe the light is different when shooting, so you need’t tangle this. 3 o’clock is a very practical calendar window with a fisheye zoom function, which is more convenient for underwater use. Since a blue film was coated in the calendar window, everyone saw the effect of anti-blue light. The background color of the calendar is white, and the black font prints neatly and without roughness.

Look at the side, the thickness of the case is very close to the original. Use the screw-in crown for the better waterproof and it is the necessary skills for the diving watch. The small crown size is great. Compare the mouth of the outer bezel from the side, from the number, depth, angle of the knife edge, you can enlarge the picture to compare, no problem.

Green Rolex Submariner

The contrast between the two techniques gives a great contrast

The back outer ring adopts circular drawing, and the bottom cover adopts straight wire drawing. The contrast between the two techniques gives a great contrast, the drawing is very delicate. And the texture can only reflect if the workmanship is very delicate. At present, the VR factory only matches the Seagull 2836 movement.

Green Rolex Submariner

The crown on the buckle, the length of the VR factory is slightly long than original. The oyster strap and the double-insurance buckle is no difference, and the buckle has a fine-tuning function.

Green Rolex Submariner

The original is the old version Green Submariner, so the inside of the buckle is still frosted. After 2016, the Submariner is changed to the laser white surface, and the VR is the light white surface.

Green Rolex Submariner

The blue luminous light is still very strong. After all, the luminous fills with C3+luminous power from Switzerland. Regarding the problem of the replica luminous. First of all, the premise of luminous is that the need to receive light means that it can illuminate on the dial with a flashlight. Or take a few minutes of exposure to the sun, so that the luminous will present. The original is also the same.

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