Replica Glashutte Original Senator Excellence Tourbillon fake watch

For many watch friends, having a tourbillon watch is the ultimate dream. But the price of the original is so expensive, and many people can’t afford it. It is the right choice to use the money in a more realistic place. So, besides the original, is there any other way to come true your a tourbillon watch dream? Today, I will bring you a real tourbillon movement watch: replica Glashutte Original Senator Excellence Tourbillon 1-94-03-04-04-04 replica version, which is concise and temperament, and full of craftsmanship! Let’s take a look at the work of this tourbillon fake watch.

Glashutte Original Senator Excellence

The data of the this tourbillon watch

The following is the replica Glashutte Original Senator Excellence Tourbillon’s date

Model is: 1-94-03-04-04-04

Diameter: 42 mm

Case thickness: 13.7 mm

Glass: sapphire crystal glass

Buckle: folding buckle

Function: calendar and tourbillon

A typical German silhouette, which is elegant and sturdy. In addition to the central hour and minute hands, the dial is also equipped with a flying tourbillon and s small second hand and a large calendar window at the 6 o’clock and 12 o’clock positions.

Glashutte Original Senator Excellence

Glashutte Original Senator Excellence Tourbillon

The calendar becomes a beautiful decorative element on the dial

The Glashutte Original Senator Excellence uses the fine stainless steel case. Under the full protection of the sapphire crystal glass, the black Roman numerals and laser-plated black orbital scales on the ivory white dial are step by step. The contrast between the black and white is broken by the blue hand, and the end of the second hand is decorated with the Glashutte Original logo. The 12 o’clock position has a large calendar display window, which consists of two digital dials on the same plane, eliminating the separation bar between the two date digits. As a result, the date display is more clear. This practical function also becomes a beautiful decorative element on the dial.

Glashutte Original Senator Excellence Tourbillon

This time is mainly revised the several shortcomings of the V1 version. Upgraded the following dial, after revised the large calendar window position many times by CNC, finally made the same stereo effect as the original. Flying Tourbillon upgrade: This is also one of the biggest features. The manufacturer regardless the cost. After the master of the watchmaker has passed the test without any number of times, it has finally transformed the tourbillon as the same as the authenticity, making the tourbillon more attractive.

Glashutte Original Senator Excellence Tourbillon

Upgrade the case:

Due to the replica watch of V1 version is thick, so the watchmaker modified many times to change the thickness of the movement, and the V2 version is 1 mm thinner than V1 version. And now the watch’s thickness is 12.7mm. The crown is made of rose gold with a double G logo at the top. Besides, there has a non-slip texture on the side, making it easy to handle even the crown is small.


The three-piece middle brushed metal process on the side is matched with the upper and lower polished case to highlight the layering. The arc of the lugs is also very good. When wearing, the feeling is great.


The movement of the tourbillon watch

Equipped with the original replica Caliber 94-03 automatic movement with true tourbillon display. The eccentric oscillating weight is made of 21K gold and has a twoo-tone finish with an iconic “double G” pattern. The decoration of the whole movement is quite traditional, the movement deck is exquisitely crafted and chamfered. Of course, the focus of the watch is also the flying tourbillon, which can see it through the window at the 6 o’clock position.


The strap is opening mold according to the original, achieving the same length with the original, so that the watch is more comfortable to wear. At the same time, it releasing gentleman charm. If your economic allows, you can upgrade to the original crocodile strap.

The whole watch is concise and generous, the internal is precision and stability. Opening mold according to the original, its superb workmanship to restore the original. If you like the tourbillon replica watch, you can pay attention to this watch.

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