The MKS factory replica IWC Mark XVIII fake watch, how about the quality of it?

The IWC Pilot is the pioneering work of the MK factory. MK is started by IWC Mark, so it is called MK factory. Mainly further upgraded and developed based on the market’s high imitation. The style is simple but the degree of chaos is very high. Mainly produced IWC Portofino, Omega De Ville, Patek Philippe Nautilus, Longines Master, Rolex Cellini, and Omega Seamaster, etc. MKS factory is an upgraded version of the MK factory. Below, we will evaluate the replica IWC Mark XVIII fake watch.

MKS factory IWC Mark XVIII

The black ceramic has become a popular trend

MKS factory replica Mark XVIII ceramic series IW324703, the difference between this Mark XVIII and previous one is that the watch case is ceramic case. And through careful polishing, it presents a smooth texture, showing a smooth line of beauty. This is a limited edition watch with a black ceramic case and a blue dial. The first impression of the watch is very fashionable, which makes people feel that this is a very good-looking fake watch. The case is made of black ceramic. It must be said that the black ceramic have been really hot in the past two years, and it has become a popular trend.

MKS factory IWC Mark XVIII


Through polishing and sanding, the black ceramic case shows a smooth texture. With the continuous development of the society, more and more material can be made into the watch case. Although ceramic material is more stable, more durable, corrosion resistant, scratch resistant, and lighter in weight than traditional steel. But he also has a fatal flaw that is not tolerant to fall down, if it accidentally fell, it is likely to break and the watch will not work. So this watch is only suitable for people who love the watch to wear, and please cherish each watch. (ceramic watches such as Panerai 441 and Audemars Piguet, etc, these watches must be worn carefully). The watch is 41mmX11mm, which is consistent with the original, using the korean high-tech reinforced ceramic. (incorporating rare elements such as silicon nitride into ceramic to make it light, strong, and improve surface gloss and impact resistance).

MKS factory IWC Mark XVIII case crown


Sapphire crystal glass, double-sided blue high-definition transparent coating. The process is consistent with the original, and the transparency is comparable to the original. It is suitable for the vast majority of men, with a typical blue dial, this has become the iconic characteristic of the IWC Lawrence Special Edition. The glass features a sapphire crystal that is glamorous. The sturdy sapphire glass resists a sudden drop in air pressure. The black embossed calfskin strap provides the ultimate comfortable wearing experience.

MKS factory IWC Mark XVIII

The classic blue sun pattern dial, illuminated by the light, presents a beautiful gradient effect, which is very beautiful. The time scales and hands on the dial inherit the iconic dial design of the pilot series. The details of the watch are also very hard-working. In order to echo the black ceramic case, the hour hand, minute hand, and second hand of the watch are also black. The black hand is coated with fluorescent material, and can still read the time information clearly even in dark environment. The red at the end of the second hand is very eye-catching. In addition to allowing the wearer to watch the time quickly and easily, it also plays a role of ornament in design.

MKS factory IWC Mark XVIII

{Bottom cover}

It made of titanium. Like all Lawrence special editions, the bottom cover engraved with the winning work of the painting competition. CNC engraving “Time to be Healthy” on the five-grade titanium steel with superb hardness is very difficult, highlighting the exquisite craftsmanship and patience of MK watchmakers. The bottom cover engraved with the winning work of the painting competition and the unique number of the xxxx/1500 watch, highlighting the uniqueness of the replica watch.

MKS factory IWC Mark XVIII bottom cover


The movement does not use the same seagull 2892 movement as the original eta2892 movement, but instead has a more stable Citizen 9015 movement, which is accurate and can achieve the zero-repaired. The seagull 2892 movement used in the original MK factory Mark series, this movement has many advantages, such as ultra-thin, such as precision, and the noise of the automatic rotor is small. But its biggest shortcoming is that the failure rate is too high. The shortcoming of the Japanese movement is that the sound is slightly larger. In view of this situation, there is a small anti-magnetic cover at the back cover. Try to avoid the appearance of the sound. (many products are changed to Japanese movement).

After all, the dense bottom cover can’t see the movement, so the MKS factory puts the stability of the movement in the first consideration (the movement is the soul of the watch).



There has the English brand anme inside of the strap. The strap is made of artificial fiber. It is breathable and comfortable, light and durable. The inner embossed calfskin (genuine is not a crocodile) is decorated with black stitching, which is more fashionable and sporty. The black strap gives the watch an “All black” style, which, although not fresh, is still very lovable. Special mention is the buckle, it is not black color, but the use of titanium hypoallergenic hand buckle. Made of the same material as the back cover, it is lighter and more wear-resistant.

MKS factory IWC Mark XVIII strap buckle luminous

This is a good-looking replica watch with black ceramic case. The black ceramic is very popular and become a popular trend. It is worth buying.

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