JF factory replica Audemars Piguet royal oak offshore 26470 fake watch

JF factory replica AP Audemars Piguet royal oak offshore 26470 fake watch, why is it so popular? The octagonal screw-in crown of royal oak offshore type 26470 in JF factory AP echoes the octagonal steel bezel to show the overall consistent viewing of the wrist watch. When operating the wrist watch, the hand feels good without slipping hands, making debugging convenient and fast. The crown is engraved with the LOGO of Abby. The simple letters “AP” of the royal oak offshore model 26470 in JF factory are beautiful and classic, highlighting the exclusive charm of the brand.

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If you know enough about the real love of the royal oak tree, you can know that the unique screw style of the real love of the royal oak tree was conceived in one night. Which continues to this day, a hexagonal screw also became a unique symbol of Abby, In the low-end era of high imitation, there is no real hexagon screws, here you have to admire the early open mode of “soil and essence” of the early high copy table, hexagon screws is directly uses a stainless steel moment on similar to the trace of the screw, and achieve the effect. Of course, even now, there are modelers who still do this in order to save costs.

In the high-end Aibeigao imitation table, all the upper screws are real screws, but the screws must be tightened, and the screws will inevitably appear to be twisted. however, hundreds of thousands of genuine screws. Like thousands of dollars of high copy of the same fear of scratching, the front screw scratch is absolutely not allowed. So how do you solve this problem? In order to increase your interest in reading, I leave this question to be answered later.

Unlike other low-cost versions of the royal oak off-shore 26470 case at the JF plant, which uses the same screw locking method as the original, the screw bottom cover and the pressed bottom cover are not available. But there is no doubt that spiral bottom lid lock mode, is one of the most outstanding for waterproof choice, we can see the factory of JF AP audemars royal oak offshore front cover part of the type 26470 has a thick rubber band, this is waterproof sealing ring, as a former cover on the back cover of the screw locking part, also have a special order for waterproofing design of rubber layer, the movement was laid inside groove, there is also a waterproof ring, only so can be guaranteed by screw locking watch, no matter from the front.

The back cover, as well as the key part, can achieve perfect waterproof effect, however, I personally don’t recommend this watch as a regular diving watches,Because of its waterproof firmware, the front rubber firmware, the rear rubber firmware, the rubber rubber of the head, the rubber firmware in the movement slot, the rubber firmware five pieces of the front cover, the rubber firmware, 12 rubber rings. Under the premise of long-term wear, you can’t determine which firmware is aging and affect the waterproof effect. Therefore, whether it is genuine or highly imitated, I personally do not recommend the royal oak offshore model 26470 of JF factory AP Abby as a diving standing replica watch.

JF factory AP love royal oak offshore model 26470 case drawing process

The royal oak off-shore 26470, built by JF’s AP appie royal oak factory, only replaced the auger on the original movement and added a more authentic cover over the auger to make the watch look more like the original. Of course, this kind of movement can also be regarded as the best quality in the domestic 7750 movement.

JF factory AP love royal oak offshore 26470 high imitation of the best quality of the small cow leather strap, imitation of crocodile skin lines. Although the appearance looks good, but there is still some hard texture. Here I recommend you to order a favorite crocodile leather strap for replacement.

In general, the 1:1 high copy JF factory 26470 AP royal oak offshore, can be said to be a milestone in high copy table, the first use of a specially tailored high copy table 12 @ 7750 movement, At the same time, it is also a high imitation version of the table that uses carbon fiber and ceramic materials (to know the real thing only in 2008 to the case of carbon fiber materials, the price 370000 yuan, now the second-hand watches remain at around $170000). At the same time, this replica Audemars Piguet is also a difficult maintenance. The test for the maintenance master is not a little bit. I believe that seeing these screwing firmware and the special rubber ring. But this is indeed a very impressive and worthy replica table.

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