ZF factory replica IWC Big Pilot Bronze IW501005 fake watch

I believe that the friends who understanding the IWC should be very familiar with the IWC Portuguese and IWC Portugieser Chronograph. But today I bring you a new ZF factory replica IWC Big Pilot Bronze IW501005 fake watch. Let’s appreciating together.

ZF factory IWC Big Pilot Bronze ZF factory IWC Big Pilot Bronze ZF factory IWC Big Pilot Bronze ZF factory IWC Big Pilot Bronze ZF factory IWC Big Pilot Bronze ZF factory IWC Big Pilot Bronze ZF factory IWC Big Pilot Bronze

ZF factory used new mold-opening design, built in one to one, is a new height both in appearance and in the movement.

First of all, the material that ZF factory replica IWC Big Pilot Bronze is copper, which reveals a bright metallic luster under polishing. We all know the longer the bronze watch, the stronger the flavor. From the dismantling diagram of ZF factory, the production process of the case is quite delicate, the cutting lines of the lugs are very clean, and the grinding is also very simple. The glass uses a high-permeability sapphire glass, and the high-permeability glass will become a new trend in the future.

ZF factory IWC Big Pilot Bronze dial ZF factory IWC Big Pilot Bronze

Now let us take a look at the details of the dial.

The outermost bezel of the dial is the minute tick marks line and time scale. From the effect of ZF’s production, we can see their spirit of seeking truth. The length of the tick marks and the layering are very good. The distance between the tick marks is very good. But one thing to say is that the tick marks are a bit too thin. The Arabic time scale uses multi-layer hydraulic technology. The three-dimensional sense from the side is very good! The 12-point position is replaced by a regular triangle plus two points. This is also a better way to serve pilots. The 3 o’clock position is the kinetic energy display window. If it is not to open the dial, I think it is very difficult for me to find the kinetic energy dial is sunken. It is also possible to judge the watch industry from this point.

crown ZF factory IWC Big Pilot Bronze

We are zooming in and further closer to the details of the dial.

After zooming, you can see a satin pattern and a matte finish. Actually, what I want everyone to see is the production of the hands, the baking blue process of the original is made according to the strict temperature control. Let ZF factroy completely break through this technology, I think there are still some difficulties. But from this IWC Big Pilot can also see that the technical barrier has been broken. Not only the blue of the hand is very clean, but also there will be no fading.

The front end of the hand is polished flat and smooth according to the original idea. The inside of the hand is evenly filled with luminous materials, the filling process is uniform, and there is no overflow or defect. And in the middle axis of the hand, many people care about the size of the empty. ZF factory is also noticed this time, the processing is okay.

bottom cover movement ZF factory IWC Big Pilot Bronze

From the crown, we can clearly see that the crown is made of copper. The bronze watch will occur copper rust overtime. This the reason why I like the bronze watch. And the bronze watch is very historical. The large onion crown design make more convenient to winding and adjusting the time. The logo on the crown is smooth and the size is close to the original.


The strap used the imported calfskin leather, which is very soft. Besides, the brown leather strap decorates with white car thread. The brown leather strap prints with frosted particles on the surfaces. It is very comfortable to fit the wrist. The buckle is the pin buckle, which is very smooth, and the logo of IWC is also correspond to the original.


The bottom cover of the ZF factory replica IWC Big Pilot Bronze uses a dense bottom design.

The bottom cover not decorates with the beautiful patterns like a little prince, simple lettering and texture. The English engraving depth control is very good, which is very clear. But the work inside the bottom cover is worthy of praise, even if it is not easy to see, it still made code lettering. In fact, the strong appearance also needs a gentle movement. What’s more, ZF factory followed the original footsteps, replica original 51111 movement. The internal structure is 80% identical and the function is 100% realized.

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