AR factory replica Rolex daytona 116500LN fake watch

AR factory Rolex universe timing daytona, the panda’s love at first sight .Rolex’s watch style has always been showing luxurious temperament. Today, what it brings to you is this replica AR factory Rolex chronometer daytona, a Rolex chronometer wrist watch with domineering domineering power, the design of ceramic outer ring precision steel watch case, and the classic black and white combination of the disk is affectionately called the panda eye by the watchers.

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This AR factory rolex universe timing daytona absolutely let you fall in love at first sight with the classic black and white collocation, exquisite craft more like the presentation of art. This type of AR factory rolex cosmic timing daytona’s watch ring is made of ceramic material with a full texture, the scale on it is very accurate, and it is completely consistent with the original. It is matched with sapphire crystal glass, which is anti-scratch and wear-resistant. In this AR factory, three small disks are distributed on the surface of the rolex cosmic chronograph daytona disk. The nine-point is the chronometer dial, the three-point is the chronograph minute hand dial, and the six-point is the chronograph second hand disk. The white dial is inlaid with the time scale of the bullet design, the middle is filled with luminous, and the entire metal scale is very smooth. At 12 o’clock is the classic small crown logo, the same three-dimensional sense of authenticity. AR factory Rolex Cosmic Time Daytona takes the most slender in the middle of the disk surface is the chronograph second hand, the bar pointer is the minute hand and the hour hand, the whole pointer is very clean and capable.

The side of the rolex chronometer daytona case of AR factory is the design of a crown and two buttons.The triangular pit pattern is neat and uniform, the crown is topped with a classic crown logo, and the high case is super-highly recognizable. The entire case is designed to protect the crown and buttons.


The entire stainless steel case is polished to the extreme,  and the side is the same as the original with the QR code security mark.

The band is uses the steel band. The middle side of the wire drawing process is polished, the edge chamfering is not scratched, and the whole steel strip is full of texture.

AR factory replica rolex cosmic timing daytona fake watch uses rolex’s latest folding button, and the same internal polished laser lettering. AR factory rolex cosmic timing daytona machine core uses 4130 automatic mechanical timing machine movement, the entire bottom cover delicate drawing technology.

This type of AR factory rolex cosmic timing daytona fake watch looks very atmospheric, and the same timing function as the original, a classic rolex, AR produced the highest replica version of the perfect restoration of the original, you deserve it.

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