AR factory replica Rolex Sea-Dweller compared with the N factory replica Rolex Sea-Dweller, which one is better?

In 1967, Rolex launched the first oyster perpetual Sea-Dweller diving chronograph. For 50 years, each new production in this series has been designed with excellent waterproof function and unique oyster structure. It has become one of the ideal diving models for watch lovers. It is also regarded as the legendary of professional diving chronograph.

In 2017, at the highly anticipated Basel exhibition, Rolex once again pushed the new Sea-Dweller to a peak. It is the first time that Rolex integrated the two classic designs into the new Sea-Dweller diving replica watch dial. One is the red-label of the SEA-DWELLER brand in the lower part of the watch. The bright red adds a touch of color to the dial, highlighting the characteristics of the Rolex Sea-Dweller. The second is the Rolex date display magnifying glass, which is not only the expansion of the calendar function, but also the signal to enhance the quality of the series. Let us take a look at the original data.

Rolex Sea-Dweller Rolex Sea-Dweller

(1) Correct the shape of the mouth

It is a little more elliptical than the previous one, but it is difficult to identify with the naked eye without the aid of tools.

Rolex Sea-Dweller

(2) The metal area from the mouth to the edge of the ceramic bezel is a little higher than before.

Rolex Sea-Dweller

(3) The change of the movement’s shape

On the left is the movement before upgrade, and on the right is the upgraded movement. As a dense bottom cover, it was originally made by the Seagull 2824 as a basic movement. It is just changing the oscillating weight. This change is completely superfluous.

Let’s return to the point. What’s the different between the AR factory replica Rolex Sea-Dweller and the N factory replica Rolex Sea-Dweller.

After the N factory quietly launched the 904 Rolex Submariner, it suddenly released the 43 mm Sea-Dweller. It hit the AR factory directly, in order to compete for the only a little market share. But for now, AR has already monopolized the market. The N factory Rolex Sea-Dweller uses the usual 316 stainless steel. For the movement, AR factory uses the Seagull 2824 movement, while the N factory still a Hangzhou 2836 movement. (2824 is a single calendar movement, 2836 is a double calendar movement. And this Sea-Dweller is a single calendar, so the 2836 double calendar function is superfluous). Next compare the overall workmanship of the appearance.

The left is the AR factory Sea-Dweller, the right is the N factory Sea-Dweller.

(1) The scale luminous.

The AR version is white, while the N factory is yellow. The AR version is consistent with the original.

Rolex Sea-Dweller

(2) The lettering position at 6 o’clock.

AR is clear and round, while N is thin. So the AR factory is consistent with the original.

Rolex Sea-Dweller

(3) The luminous word at the 12 o’clock.

The yellowing of AR is transparent, and the N factory is white and turbid. The AR version is consistent with the original. But N factory outer bezel is relatively white, in contrast, the AR is a bit dark. For this point, N factory is better.

(4) In terms of the calendar, the N factory is bigger than the AR factory, and the AR factory is consistent with the original.

Rolex Sea-Dweller

Combined the above points, (of course, there are still a lot of details, and I don’t list them here) I believe everyone has some knowledge about which one is better. Therefore, please treated rational and objective. Don’t be overly obsessed with the the factory. Just follow you heart.

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