VS factory replica panerai luminor due fake watch 38MM PAM00756.908

Today, I will bring you the evaluation of the VS factory new product— panerai luminor due PAM756 and PAM908. These two are also the small-sized Panerai. For the Panerai’s size, most of its styles are 44.47 mm, and small-sized watches are still rare in the Panerai family. First looking at the original data before evaluating.

panerai luminor due

The original size is 38*11.2mm, but the VS factory size is 42*14mm. It is a pity that VS factory didn’t restore the original size.

panerai luminor due panerai luminor due panerai luminor due panerai luminor due panerai luminor due panerai luminor due panerai luminor due

The case is made of 316 stainless steel, and the gold part is made of PVD electroplated red gold. The gold case with black dial is more suitable for men. The creamy 756 color is more suitable for girls to wear. The texture of the fonts, scales and hands are very good. After all, Panerai is already a “patent” of VS factory. Both the scale and the hand fills with luminous powder.

panerai luminor due case

The thickness of the original version is 11.2mm. This time, the VS factory reached to 14 mm, 2.8 mm difference is still slightly more obvious.

bottom cover panerai luminor due panerai luminor due

The bottom cover is the biggest highlight of the 908. It can be said that Panerai has built it specially for the Chinese market. There can be a blessing on the bottom cover. “Fu” has a good meaning in China, including the pattern carved on the edge of the bottom cover, and also the Chinese elements, and with radial patterns.

Here is the key part: the question about this size.

Let’s talk about the original movement. The original Panerai movement divides into three categories: O series, P series and OP series. Both O and P series belong to Panerai self-produced movement. Maybe everyone is not very familiar with the movement of the O series. Simply say it. Then the P system is the more common P-9000, P-9001, this kind of movement is very close to the VS movement. Then the movement of the OP series is not produced by Panerai itself. Instead of, it is purchased from the outside and then modified to become its own movement. Simply speaking, it is a semi-self-produced movement.

VS factory did not choose to replica the original movement this time. The main point is that the resources of the original movement can not be found in domestic. It is impossible to copy the movement. Considering the problem of timing, VS factory choose selected the P-9000 movement. Although the timing is consistent, the size can not be the same as the original version. After all, the size of the P-9000 has exceeded 38MM. But except the size, the reduction of the work and appearance is still very high.

strap buckle

Equipped with the black calfskin leather strap and a metal pin buckle. The strap feels hard and you can choose to replace the crocodile strap.

So how do you think about this small-size Panerai.

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