TMF factory replica Hublot Big Bang Sang Bleu 415 tattoo fake watch—The geometric deduction of infinite mysteries

Born in 1980, Hublot is the first Swiss watch brand that combines precious metals and natural rubber. No matter from the perspective of watchmaking materials and the unique aesthetic concepts explained by watches, its born has set off a revolution. Harmony and balanced art came into being in the wrist. Cross-border integration has long been accustomed to Hublot. Sports, fashion, and music festivals are all fusion objects of Hublot. Among all the cooperation, the most shinning is the BING BANG-SANG BLEU tattoo watch that cooperate with the tattoo master Maxime Buchi. The harmonious pattern and the balanced proportion are symbiotic, and the infinite mystery of the geometric shape is described in the dimension of time. Let us appreciate this TMF factory replica Hublot Big Bang Sang Bleu 415 tattoo fake watch.

Hublot Big Bang Sang Bleu

The unique design of the dial

This new Big Bang replica watch is unprecedented. The edges of the watch are chamfered to create a geometric effect. The classic round bezel is polished to a hexagonal shape, giving the watch a wonderful three-dimensional effect. The matte black dial is finished with a circular satin brush and the Arabic numerals on the dial are specially designed by Maxim Butch. The second scale is engraved on the metal dial, and the curve is harmonious with the watch.

The “no-point”  design of the dial not only gives the watch a more unique mystery, but also leads to a new time dimension. Three rhodium-plated octagonal dials overlap the display time. The largest octagonal dial represents “hours”, the small octagonal dial reads “minutes”, and the “hours” and “minutes” dials are decorated with a white luminous coating to facilitate reading time. Besides, the black dial with the H logo and the Sang Bleu hourglass records the second passage.

The details of the whole watch

The replica watch has a 45 mm diameter and 14 mm thickness. The case is CNC polishing on the side of the case. All the screws use the pin screws and letter screws. Moreover, It is worth mentioning that the 6/12 o’clock position is a quick release spring. And it is very convenient to replace the strap. The unique pattern of subtle flip and superposition of circles and squares not only introduces the concept of “orthogonal circle”, but also boldly records time in a maverick way. The iconic Big Bang design also ushers in a blend of geometric aesthetic.

Hublot Big Bang Sang Bleu

The octagonal pattern on the dial also extends to a 45 mm diameter stainless steel case. After carving, the case has the beauty of the deep rhyme geometric sculpture, the hand is a special-shaped polished hand. The top AIR double-layer colorless coated sapphire glass is much more transparency than the ordinary sapphire glass. The dial is black sandblasted CNC processing inside shadow.


The side is polished and the brushed wire is smooth.

The crown uses a classic screw-in waterproof crown. It is very delicate under the illumination of light, and it is very light when worn. The movement adopts the miyota27 drill automatic mechanical movement, the position of the movement balance is consistent. Besides, the travel time is precise and stable.

bottom cover

The top black rubber strap, the front is matte crazy horse leather sewing, the perfect combination of rubber and leather strap. While the back of the strap is also engraved with the Sang Bleu logo, pay tribute to this cooperation. The latest folding buckle, the entire buckle can dismantle into a loose piece process, which is extremely complicated. In addition, the strap is a quick-release structure, breaking through the tradition, and very innovative.


The overall unique design makes people amazing.

The avant-grade design and concept of the Big Bang Sang Bleu replica watch keeps the wearer free from tattoos and allows the unique “tattoo” to be display in a gesture. The hexagonal case design has been greatly different from other watches, but its bold breakthrough is not only the case. Moreover, the complex geometric design of the dial is intricate and different, and the unique artistic style is amazing.

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