VR Factory replica Rolex Sea-Dweller fake watch—The overseas customized version

Maybe you haven’t heard of the Sea-Dweller? But you must heard of the Submariner. Due to its excellent waterproof performance, the Submariner is popular with watch friends. But the Submariner is only 300 meters waterproof, and the more powerful Sea-Dweller can reach 3900 meters. The Sea-Dweller, which is very domineering. Looking at its appearance, which is even more aggressive. The Rolex Sea-Dweller was born in 1967. Since its birth, it is very popular.The Sea-Dweller’s 44 mm diameter and heavy feeling are its characteristic. The black dial design is calm and atmospheric. Today, I bring you an overseas customized version—VR Factory replica Rolex Sea-Dweller fake watch.

VR Factory Rolex Sea-Dweller

VR factory boldly launched a special all black Rolex Sea-Dweller.

Adhering to the solid, stable and durable foundation of VR Rolex Sea-Dweller, PVD vacuum negative ion plating technology, plus a hard black coat, which is not only more anti-wear, but also stable. The red inner shadow and the second hand gives it a conspicuous and unique style. Inspired by the famous oversea conversion agency—BAMFORD WATCH.

The top Rolex Sea-Dweller replica watch was launched by VR factory. The dial diameter is 44 mm like the classic Sea-Dweller. Compared to the gradient Sea-Dweller, the VR factory version is more detailed in the overall work, consistent with the original, and the inner ring has a red fill.

VR Factory Rolex Sea-Dweller

The scales and hands on the dial fills with luminous materials.

The metal frame decoration is more three-dimensional, and the proportion and the curvature of the round scale is consistent. The dial uses a large three-hand to identify the time display, the hour hand is red, the red second hand is more conspicuous, and the hour hand is the classic Mercedes-pin design.

The glass uses the real sapphire crystal glass and with an anti-glare process. The 12-point inverted triangle corner is polished perfectly. The 12-point setting logo display, the 3-point setting calendar display function, and the 3-point setting calendar display function, and the 6-point setting model and series and other information. The more distinctive feature is the bright red bezel.

VR Factory Rolex Sea-Dweller

The screw-in crown is more waterproof. The crown on the crown is exquisitely perfected. The three dots below the crown are triple waterproof signs. The inside of the crown has a sealing rubber ring. The pits on the crown are polishing and uniform.


The back cover is made of titanium and the outer bezel uses the same black steel as the case. The two-layer cover effect is also to better product the back case of this titanium metal, and at the same time, it can better increase the waterproof structure during the diving process. The lettering is clear, the spacing is consistent with the original. The movement is the seagull 2836 movement. This replica movement has been tested and used in the replica market. It can fully meet the daily use needs.

bottom cover

The strap is consistent with the original.

The strap’s extension buckle design. The black-plated steel strap features a retractable Glidelock extension system that extends the strap to 2-3 cm. Moreover, the buckle inside the Rolex pattern matte is polished to the same level as the latest original version.


At the same time, it has super luminous function, and the three-dimensional hour markers and hands are coated with luminous materials, which can clearly read the time even in the dark night. The luminous is still blue, and the brightness and durability are good. Luminous technology VR is also very good.


And it has red and black nylon strap for you to choose.

VR Factory Rolex Sea-Dweller

This VR Factory replica Rolex Sea-Dweller fake watch creates a truly mature man’s style, and you can feel confident when you wear it. The most obvious difference with the old Sea-Dweller is the overall color, black and red, giving the watch fresh vitality and extraordinary significance. So, if you are pursuing the perfection of detail, the VR factory is the first choice. Some details can comparable to the original, and every detail is perfect. The Rolex Sea-Dweller has a perfect appearance and excellent function. If you like the large size watch, you should not miss this watch.

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