Difference between the GS factory replica Longines Moonphase and the original.

The women’s watch is relatively less in the replica industry than the men’s watch, which is also the reason why the female customers in the replica watch industry are like national treasure. In fact, in the watch industry, ladies watches are available in many styles. Breguet also has a ladies’ watch, Queen Breguet, Chopard also has a ladies’ watch. Chopard is also a brand of jewelry watches, which is derived from the traditional watch brand.

Cartier Ballon Bleu has been very popular in recent years and has been favored by ladies. The Cartier Ballon Bleu is also a goddess watch, especially the mechanical style. I personally feels that it is very suitable for the white-collar ladies. Longines Moonphase is a style that can comparable to the Cartier Ballon Bleu. Although the brand is not as good as the Cartier, the Longines ladies watch spokesperson is a very temperament female star. The Longines produced by the GS factory is also equipped with the original quartz movement. I recommended GS factory, because the feedback of the GS factory Cartier Tank ladies watch is very good. The GS factory is specializing in women’s watches.

GS factory Longines Moonphase

The origin of the Longines Moonphase

Since 1998, Longines has put forward the brand slogan “Eleganceisanattitude”. And appointed celebrities from all over the world as image ambassadors, such as Audrey Hepburn, etc., showing Longines from the heart, crossing the cultural boundaries, and the long-lasting fashion elegance.

The name is PrimaLuna, which means the first round of the new moon. Chinese named it “Moonphase”, which is exactly the same as “Heart Moon”, which is very beautiful, which is the first feeling it gives people. The Longines Moonphase PrimaLuna watch also draws inspiration from the beautiful Arab legend “The Thousand and One Nights”. The heroine of the moonlight story, Sang Luzhuo, is the embodiment of wisdom and elegance…And the master of every “Moonphase” has the ultimate elegance, masters the pulse of fashion, with mysterious and eternal temperament, full of inspiration.

The Longines of the GS factory has two literals, one is Roman and the other is diamond. Longines Moonphase is a facade style in Longines’ watch series. In the appearance of the style is more exquisite and small, in the nature of the watch is also a quartz style, it is more convenient to use, let’s share the real shot details of the watch below.

GS factory Longines Moonphase

The watch has a small diameter that perfect suitable for women’s wrist

The GS factory Longines Moonphase series is elegant and from the perspective of women, reinterpreting the elegant timepieces of Longines, bring the aesthetics of watchmaking to the extreme, and its elegant charm attracts the attachment of modern women. The small diameter of 26.5 mm is perfect for women’s slender wrists, and the case made of stainless steel is exquisite and has a softer contour.

GS factory Longines Moonphase

The highlight of this replica watch is the exquisiteness and simplicity of the dial. The white enamel dial creates a romantic soft atmosphere with classic blue steel hands and a dial with 11 high-brightness rhinestones for a noble temperament.

The calendar display window is at three o’clock, and Longines’ classic flying wing hourglass sign is at twelve o’clock. Elegant and chic appearance, using the Cal.L250 movement that is consistent with the original. Under the gentle appearance, it contains a “authentic” movement.


[Case] GS factory Longines Moonphase series quartz female replica watch size 26.5mmX7mm. The sleek curved design makes the case unique and ingenious. Between the gestures, the generous. Each case is a masterpiece of GS.

case crown

[Movement] GS factory Longines Moonphase series quartz female replica watch uses the same Cal.L250 quartz movement as the original. (the movement can be used for the original)

bottom cover

[Strap] The strap of the GS factory Longines Moonphase is dynamic. Each strap is cut and carefully polished by the GS watchmaker to ensure that the gloss and shape are flawless and match the original.

strap buckle

Next, evaluating the comparison between the GS factory Longines Moonphase and the original.

First, front comparison:

As shown above, this is a holistic comparison. The overall contrast is the main contrast size, glass transparency, and the polished texture of the strap. First of all, the most basic size is the same, and the width of the strap and the degree of polishing and structure are also the same. If the inadequacy is that the glass  transparency of the GS factory needs to be strengthened, there is a gap with the original version!

Second, dial comparison:

GS factory Longines Moonphase

We look at the three important details. They all use sword-type burning blue steel hands, the shape and size ratio are the same, but from the front, the original is deep blue, the replica of the blue is slightly shallow. There is no burr in literal printing. The size of the diamond is the same, the English letters of the Longines and the logo of the wings are also the same. In addition, the gloss of the drill scale is also the same, Longine’s English letters and wings are exactly the same.

Third, the case comparison:

GS factory Longines Moonphase

As shown in the above three figures, first compare the crown, the crown shape and the logo engraving are consistent, and the side polishing and shape curvature are consistent.

Fourth, the bottom cover comparison:

The engraving of the bottom cover is a difficult place of the Moonphase. As shown in the above figure, the brushed texture of the bottom cover is the same, and the English letters and pattern engraving of the bottom cover are also consistent.

Fifth, movement comparison:

GS factory Longines Moonphase

As shown in the above figure, the above is the comparison of the movement opening cover picture. The GS adopts the L.250.2 quartz movement which is consistent with the original version. The lettering of the movement is the same.

Sixth, strap and buckle comparison:

GS factory Longines Moonphase GS factory Longines Moonphase

As shown in the above two figures, the polishing degree of the steel strip is consistent. In addition, the size and structure of the steel strip are uniform, and the structure of the button and the logo of the button are also consistent.

Longines is good at interpreting women’s aesthetics, interpreting women’s charm with different inspirations. There are vintage styles and fashionable atmosphere. The longines Moonphase watches will transform the bright moonlight into the soft romance and grace of the wrist. The GS factory opened the mold according to the original, and carries Cal.L250 movement that is completely consistent with the original. This replica has been upgraded to a new height. (In the past, the KZ factory version also used the ETA quartz movement, but only one model without a calendar). And this female watch with a calendar is also very functional and practical.

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