N factory replica Panerai PAM111 fake watch

The work of the N factory is very good, and several of them are also known as artifacts. It can be called an artifact, of course, for some reason. The following N factory famous artifact Panerai PAM111 replica watch, which has a good quality. I wonder if you have attracted by it?



Fans should know that Panerai design style is derived from Italian design and history, the style is masculine and temperament. Each watch has an extraordinary brand style and excellent quality. Many stars also love Panerai. Wallace Huo does not need to say, the spokesperson of Panerai in the Chinese region. The N Factory Panerai 111 replica watch is especially popular. In terms of value, this watch continues the characteristics of Panerai in design and production. Dark black dial with a sandwich structure. The hand is made of luminous material, and the reading time is not affected in the dark environment. With a small seconds at 9 o’clock, it has a modern and stylish design. Wearing it, the gentleman is full of style and grace.


After the Panerai 111 was produced in the N factory, it has been selling well until now, and its reputation is not bad.The shock absorber is made of original Swiss fittings and the gap is Y-shaped. Platinum-plated, Geneva grain fine treatment, just right. Using Panerai original pin buckle, the side is fine polished. The case is made of stainless steel and is integrally integrated and forged. Strap, made of Italian imported dark brown calfskin, soft and comfortable, stylish and generous.



The time is precision, interpretation of a rigorous and serious attitude to life. The bridge is the classic design of the Panerai 111. Many people think that the Panerai without the bridge can not be called Panerai, which is a bit exaggerated, but it also shows how important the Panerai bridge is. The design of the two-hand half-second is simple and gorgeous, the sandwich dial uses a sandwich structure, which is composed of two superimposed surfaces, and at each scale, the design is hollowed out. In addition to the frontal appearance of the dial and case, strap, etc., the details of the movement are extremely delicate. The watch is beautiful, the movement is one of the reason.


Next, let’s take a look at the details of the N factory’s famous artifact PAM111:

This PAM111 can be said to gather the classic elements of the Panerai watch design. The sandwich dial, the torpedo second hand at 9 o’clock, the crown with guard bridge. This watch is also one of Panerai’s most popular watches. 44mm diameter and 15.6mm thickness, the front and back of the glass are all  sapphire crystal glass. The brand of Panerai watches is a casual, sporty and rough watch style.

The 9-point torpedo second hand on the dial is a classic design element of Panerai. The filling of the luminous powder on the small dial is relatively uniform.


The visual effect of the luminous fill of the 12 o’clock position is very good, and the font aspect is good in both the depth and the thickness.


The engraving of these English brands of Panerai did not appear uneven, the font graininess was very strong, the 6-digit luminous filling was uniform and the L SWISS MADE L lettering was clear.

The logo is also quite good, the length, size and axis of the hand are well done.


The Panerai escort was designed to enhance waterproofing. The brushedness of the entire escort is very good.


The glass has a very good transparency and the polishing is very bright. However, this polished case is very prone to scratches.


The side of the case are polished. The outer case will prone to scratches. The sapphire glass is wavy at a certain angle, which is also very eye-catching.


The entire polishing of the buckle is also very good. From the appearance of view, the English lettering on the brand logo of Panerai is very good. The overall thickness of the overall engraving is not much different.


The lettering on the back cover is very good. All the gears have been polished, which is very good.


The gems lettering on the movement is also engraved relatively clearly. And the size of all the gears is almost the same. The polishing is indeed very good.


The shock hand is also handled quite well here. The fine-tuning lettering is also clearly visible, and there is a small screw in the middle of the two screws on the right side of the shock absorber hand.


Finally, take a look at the powerful luminous effect, it can make it easy to see the time at night.


The PAM00111, one of the most classic models of the past years, is the entry-level choice for Panerai.  The details of the N-factory version have been put in place, nothing need to change. Its simple and gorgeous shape combined with outstanding performance perfectly combines practicality and simplicity, and exudes the taste of Italian Panerai.

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