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FRANCK MILLER, which has a reputation as a master of complex functions, has established a partnership with the Italian Sea Group. The brand has launched a new watch, the Vanguard Yachting Large three-hand calendar watch, to pay tribute to the craftsmanship and the world of sailing. Vanguard Yachting draw material from dynamic Vanguard collections, with the details of the nautical world. Present time in an innovative way. The Yachting watch is not only reminded people of the unique curves of the FRANCK MULLER yacht, but also incorporates the details of the various nautical worlds. The dark blue dial, the bright white strap stitching and the windshield on the dial make the wearer feel like being in the sea. Today, I will share this replica Franck Miller V45 Vanguard Yachting fake watch with the size of 44×54 mm with you.

Franck Miller V45 Vanguard Yachting

The details of the case.

The case is 100% opened mold according to the original, especially the sandwich structure case. The blue side groove on the middle inner side and the blue lug position protruding from the case make the process of making the case more difficult. Then it took more than 10 months to go through several initial proofreadings, and finally developed and produced successfully.

Franck Miller V45 Vanguard Yachting

This version has a blue yacht literal, each word is the original 1:1 height of the digital concave edge filled with real, high cost, complex production and low yield. The rate of the good products is low, and there has a magnifying glass gasket layer under the lettering.

Franck Miller V45 Vanguard Yachting

The details of the dial

The dark blue dial is decorated with a wind direction, making the wearer feel like being in the ocean. The clear and easy-to-read dial features a unique Vanguard stereo digital time scale that matches the avant-grade design of the dial. The calendar window is also a sapphire magnifying glass, which always keeps the requirements that can be used with the original and strives for excellent. The Bending hand is fit with the dial.

Franck Miller V45 Vanguard Yachting

The details of the glass

The glass is made of super-radial, ultra-high-definition light-transparent sapphire crystal glass. It consists of a whole piece of  40*50mm, sapphire material with a thickness of more than 15mm. 100% is finely ground according to the curvature of the case. The scrap rate is high and the yield is extremely low.


The case is made of entirely of 316 stainless steel, rather than a low-cost plastic mold. The 316 stainless steel creates a long, graceful curve that complements the case design of the Vanguard Yachting watch. Moreover, the case is accented with diamonds.

case crown

The fake watch is designed with a dense bottom. And has a seagull 2824 movement with a high frequency amplitude of 28800. It has precise travel time, stable quality and a curved case design that fits the wrist.

bottom cover

The details of the buckle and strap

The diamond-encrusted buckle is opened mold according to the original. Besides, it is consistent with the original V45 buckle, which is more convenient to wear. To restore the original version to the maximum extent.  Using the folding buckle, which is consistent with the original.


The upgraded version comes with a premium rubber strap that is softer and more comfortable. And the only version available on the market that can be used on the original watch strap.


There are also white case and gold case for you to choose

Franck Miller V45 Vanguard Yachting gold case white case Franck Miller V45 Vanguard Yachting

This Franck Miller V45 Blue Vanguard Yachting replica watch is not only the original has been widely concerned and loved by the global watch friends. The same market in the domestic replica market is also hot. Not only the materials and movements have been carefully selected by the manufacturers, strictly controlled, and the workmanship is excellent. Every detail has been carefully processed, which fully reproduces the essence of original quality. Coupled with the extremely close price of the people. This Franck Miller V45 Blue Vanguard Yachting watch has a very high price/performance ratio. So, If you like it, you can consider to try it.

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