The replica OM factory Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Calendar 1558420 Moonphase fake watch and the original, is difficult to distinguish.

As the saying goes, men need to have a decent watch. Just like women like jewelry and bags, men like car and watches. When it comes to the watch, I have to introduce this OM factory Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Calendar 1558420 Moonphase replica watch to you. Its workmanship is very supreme, which hardly to distinguish the replica and original.

OM factory Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Calendar 1558420

Jaeger-LeCoultre has always been a defender in the field of traditional watchmaking and is one of the pioneers in precision chronograph technology and design. As early as 1945, Jaeger-LeCoultre launched a Master Calendar replica dwatch that, combined with the clean lines of the second half of the twentieth century, has since become the inspiration for all contemporary Master Calendar. Its elegant style and precise characteristics have always fascinated watch lovers.


After disassembling the dial and the strap, the arrangement of the various functions of the Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Calendar is evident in the silver sun-embossed dial. It is orderly, elegant and timeless. The overall and the original are basically the same.

Compare the dial

After removing the dial, we can see that there has the hours and minutes hand on the center of the sun-shaped dial. The person who thinks that the most attractive thing is to watch the new date display at the very end of the long hand. The hand decorates with a new moon and gently swept over the periphery of the dial. The progressive scale consisting of 1 to 31 is perfect for the OM factory and the workmanship is more detailed. From the comparison of the details of the dial, it can be seen that every detail of the OM factory is handled in place. And there is no big difference with the original.


Compare the glass

OM factory uses the same high-grade sapphire glass as the original. The transparency is very good and the effect is consistent with the original. The OM factory version treated with high definition coating, and the color of the side reflection is also consistent.


Compare the crown

The position of the crown is also a detail that many manufacturers will ignore. But in fact it is also a place where quality can be seen. If even the small details of the crown are not handled well. How about the process and details that are difficult to break through. But the OM factory is still sure of the essence, the logo of the crown is very delicate.

Compare of the movement.

The movement of the OM factory uses the replica Cal.866A, which means that the movement is also a copy of the original movement. The model is the same, all the functions of the original movement are consistent with the OM. The movement is very stable and the time is exactly accurate.


Compare the movement cover.

OM factory is almost the same as the original, the lettering depth of the week is very strong. This is worthy of praise, can exchange with original.


Compare the case.

The thickness of the OM factory is 1.2 thicker than the original one, but it is not visible to the naked eye. Unless the ruler is used, the thickness is 1.2 mm thicker because the movement of the almanac is very complicated and the total number of movement parts is 498. To achieve the same function is an excellent breakthrough, the thickness of the case needs to be improved. But for the replica watch, the movement is good. It is the most important that the function is the same as the original. The size of the slope of the case is consistent with the original. The curved line of the fish ear line is three-dimensional and beautiful, perfect consistent with the original.

Compare the strap.

The original uses the crocodile leather strap, while OM factory uses Italian cowhide leather strap. It doesn’t look different, but the material is different. But it can’t distinguish, it is soft and comfortable to wear, and it has excellent wearing experience.


Can you distinguish which one is the OM factory replica Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Calendar 1558420 Moonphase calendar fake watch, which one is the original?

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