ZF factory replica IWC IW500705 fake watch

The V5 version of ZF factory is one of the most popular watches in the world. ZF factory V5 version of the country’s Portuguese seven Portuguese seven-day chain watch latest revision movement upgrade. It is perfect for back-splitting, and realizes the display of real kinetic energy, reaching a very remarkable number of energy storage days. Then enjoys this replica watch!

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This replica watch ‘s overall design gives a gentleman’s elegance and full of connotation feeling, excellent with a blue-coated sapphire glass and the white minimalist panel is unobstructed. What’s more, this glass is more wear-resistant and scratch-resistant and anti-reflective than ordinary glass. The size of the bezel of the stainless steel is the same as the original, and the polished finish looks smooth and delicate.

This fake watch’s dial is white with a low-key and high-cold blue Arabic numerals, showing a noble temperament. Plus track-type minute scale, there is a retro charm. Blue Arabic digital scale is the same as the genuine blue steel process, as well as the same Mosaic process, restore the solid sense. The hook of the number 5 is relatively smooth, and the arc in the inside is also in place.

This fake wrist watch has the same baked blue steel process and the same effect as the original. and the same effect as the real product. The design of the two small dials slightly subsided is consistent with the original. The disk printing is in place, especially the right small plate has no cross color and overlap, the CD grain in the disk is clearly visible, no clutter. The logo and the black English is clearly visible and without broken phenomenon.  The calendar display window border restores genuine layering

The crown is designed with a straight-drawing crown. The size ratio of the crown is the same as the genuine one. The triangle pattern of the crown edge is neat and uniform, and the side relief restores the original charm.

The case is made of stainless steel, the bezel edge and the bottom cover edge are polished, the side is brushed, the three-layer design is more layered, and the lugs are also chamfered to fit the wrist.

The watch’s movement is using the 7750 movement to change to the cal.52010 automatic mechanical movement.

The design of the back can be seen that the movement, you can see that it is very meticulous. And the lettering on the top is clearly visible, and the whole structure of the movement can be seen to be very beautiful.

We can see that the blue leather strap is very beautiful, the leather is soft and comfortable; the buckle is polished and upgraded to the point where it can be completely interchanged with genuine.

Conclusion: this V5 version of the ZF factory is the most classic Portuguese seven-day fake watch, which is also the highest version in the market at present. It is also the best replica version in the market at present.

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