ZF factory replica IWC universal pilot TOP GUN IW388003 fake watch

The pilot series of IWC has a very high value, and the models are classics in the classics. Today I will show you IWC pilot TOP GUN of ZF factory. The TOP GUN series is a very young and fashion replica watches, which is use unique ceramic watch case, black nylon strap, is high value. Then show you around this replica watch.

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The TOP GUN of ZF factory universal pilot adopts ceramic case, which is more resistance  to falling and scratching. The scratches can be wiped off. Besides, the appearance can perfectly restore the original product and with a full texture. The glass is the sapphire crystle blue glass, transparent and anti-reflective. Reflective blue echoes the scales and hands of the dial. What’s more, the scales, hands, and the blue fonts are very perfect, no color difference with genuine, the strip scale printing is neat and precise, with consistent spacing. 12-point triangle mark, the two circle arcs are perfectly perfect and the spacing is consistent. The 2, 4 points and the spacing of the calendar is consistent. About this part, the ZF factory is do the perfect. The rest of the fonts are very fine and can’t be picked up.

The 3 point of fan calendar, the window has chamfered sanding, The calendar font is centered, and the font and thickness are almost close to authentic, you can ‘t distinguish the ture or false if you compare careless. The triangle on the left side of the calendar is also consistent with the original.  The 12-point small disk is the time-based disk, and the 6-point small disk is the walking time second disk. And consistent with the authenticity, there is a recess into the design. The length of the hands on the disk is the same as the genuine one. The unique second hand’s head is the sign of the TOPGUN. What’s more, the tail has a white fill and is full of texture. The logo of the crown is very clear and refined,  and the pits are polished and uniform. The two chronograph buttons next to each other are the same size and authentic.

The curvature of the lugs is perfect and perfectly linked to the strap.

The steel buckle is brushed and the brushed lines are clear and delicate. The engraving of the font is clear and exquisite, and the spacing is consistent.

The band is used the black nylon band, which is soft and comfortable. And fits the wrist. Besides, the appearance is very stylish.

The cover is Titanium bottom cover. The pattern is perfect, and there is no color difference with the original.

The movement is the 7750 automatic mechanical chronograph movement, and the function is consistent with the original, accurate and stable when walking.

The luminous effect is superb and the color is consistent with the original

Conclusion: the fake TOP GUN is stylish and powerful.

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