ZF factory replica pam1.27 fake watch

Today, I will show you panerai pam127 from ZF factory , the limited edition panahai series, which is affectionately called “the king of panahai”. Both the overall design and the temperament presented by the wrist watch are very classic panahai flavor, which is domineering and distinctive. And then, let us enjoy this watch.

The details of the watch :http://www.noob528.com/ItemDisplay.aspx?pid=20180731094427083082

The replica watch’s case is made of the 316 stainless steel, and the case is very textured after brushed. And the bezel is very smooth after polishing. The glass is made by super arched sapphire crystal glass and it also called bubble glass. The ,ZF factory achieves the same effect as genuine, very excellent.


The scales and the hands are stuffed with luminous materials, full without overflow. The length of the strip scale is the same as the original, especially, the 6-point font arc is perfect, exquisite, great technology, The sword-type grinding ratio of the two hands is the same as the genuine one. The golden border fill is more prominent, the 9 o’clock second plate, the scale spacing on the disc surface is the same, the torpedo second hand is small and exquisite, the torpedo’s curvature is very good, perfect to restore the authentic effect.

The panel’s font is printed center and perfect. The 1950 font is excellent, the font is consistent with the original, and the font below 6 points follows the curve of the dial.

The teeth on the crown are polished and uniform. The curvature of the bridge is very perfect and is brushed, and the faucet is also close to the bridge.

ZF factory replica Panerai pam127 fake watch buckle is processed by wire drawing process, and full texture is presented and full texture! It is chamfered and polished, and the font on the buckle is clear and exquisite, and the spacing is consistent.

The strap is brown cowhide strap, which is soft and comfortable and fits the wrist. what’s more, The lines are stitched tightly and the spacing between the holes is also consistent.

The font of the bottom is clear and refined . The 100m fish is engraved perfectly, the eyes are centered, and the other fonts are also perfect. The glass is Sapphire crystal glass and the movement is the 6497 movement. The shading makes the brushed shading unique to the machine and the color of the stone is very close to the real thing, The whole movement has a high degree of simulation, and the function is consistent with the original, and the travel time is accurate and stable.

Conclusion: the classic panahai series of pam127 in ZF factory, Super replica boutique in ZF factory, the domineering panahai. Don’t miss your favorite fake watch, friends!

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