GF Factory replica Breitling Avengers Red II fake watch, China Limited Edition!

The Breitling Avengers series may be a style of poisoning by many friends. Breitling released a new product recently—— the Avengers second generation World Time Black Steel Edition limited edition of china mainland. This time, the main theme of red is to fully reflect the consumers facing China. The replica Breitling Avengers II GMT fake watch with its super practical 24-hour second time zone display, it combines with a two-way rotating bezel to read the third time zone.

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Not long ago, GF, the best domestic manufacturer to do Breitling, also launched a domestic version of the revised version. Most players may know that in China, GF is recognized as the best manufacturer to do Breitling. The former Breitling Blackbird, the Avengers, are favored and praised by many players, but the price of genuine is still unacceptable to many people. So today I will take everyone to dismantle the second generation of the GF-produced Breitling Avengers, so that the majority of the watchers thoroughly understand their work and quality!

Resolutely stable black steel case (Diameter 43mm, thickness 12.2mm), Red Diver Pro III deep dive rubber strap with dynamic aeronautical molded digital time scale.

China’s limited edition, it must be based on red. Because most of us people still have a soft spot for red, the outer ring of black steel with red tape is really amazing. The glass surface is made of sapphire crystal, the glass is coated with blue film, and the double-sided anti-glare treatment. There is a hint of glamour in the noble, with a righteousness in the steady.  The Breitling logo on the dial is finished after the oil pressure process, and it is lifelike and has a first-class design.

The high-quality carbon fiber dial is encrusted with a red inner bezel, a red calendar finger and a red pointer and Use the Chinese red elements to the fullest.

The dial provides a 24-hour second time zone display, a screw-in crown, a two-way ratcheting bezel, a third time zone reading, a pointer and a time stamp coated with a Swiss imported luminous coating, and a Seagull 2836 movement. With GMT function and strong stability. The dial is made of carbon fiber, so the replica watch is very light overall. The whole watch is mainly red, with a red inner bezel, a red second hand, and a red calendar frame. It blends traditional Chinese red elements with original design.

With a fully sealed construction, the bottom cover is engraved with the exquisite pattern of “Breitling”, English and digital notes, and the logo is very three-dimensional. GF factory has done a three-degree waterproof test, and it has excellent waterproof performance.

Twin-pro red rubber strap, warm and energetic

Traditional pin buckle, LOGO is beautifully crafted, and the drawing effect is better.

Friends who are familiar with the replica watch know that the general factory is only made the waterproof, and the GF factory has made waterproof and three-degree waterproof test for each piece.

To sum up: This GF produced the Breitling Avengers II World Time fake watch, China Limited Edition. First of all, with the color of Chinese red, it is sure to capture the hearts of many friends. The material of Black Steel gives a firm and reliable feeling. The carbon fiber dial has to be said to be novel.


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