ZF factory replica Blancpain 6651 fake dress table, charming willow hand

Nowadays, many people are watching more complicated replica watches, which cause visual fatigue. Even thought that the simple watch no longer exists. A simple watch is not as complicated as a chronograph or a double-chasing watch, but as long as the time is accurate. Today, I will show you a very simple and elegant ZF factory Blancpain classic series 6651.

Blancpain began in with the Swiss watchmaking Silicon Valley Jura Valley in 1735. It adheres to the spirit of innovation and traditional brand, insists on the belief of only mechanical watches, and reflects the taste of Swiss fine watchmaking. All movement production, complex functions and extraordinary craftsmanship are completed independently. Since its inception, its powerful movement factory has only provided movements for high-end brands, and is known as the “The founder of the classic timepiece”.

Blancpain is the noble among the replica watches. Whether it’s constantly improving the concept of complex functions, design and production methods, or exploring new areas, Blancpain is committed to the watchmaking process and to carry it forward. From the first watches designed in the eighteenth century to the noble timepieces produced today, Blancpain has established a tradition of innovation that he deserved.

The classic big three-hand shape, Roman numeral hour mark, with willow-shaped hand, 40 mm diameter design, is in line with the current demand for large diameter, but it does not look so awkward, so now it looks very delicate and slim, and it is very capable. The dial design is also a simple route with only date and second hand display, the color is white or milky white, highlighting the gentle charm of Wener. The movement is designed for automatic winding, eliminating the need for a lot of power tuning and the Sapphire crystal glass, can not stop the aristocratic atmosphere, can be described as a men’s boutique fake watch.

The surface of the case is finely polished and has a layered sense of thin fiber. Exquisite crown with triangular veins on the top for easy winding, crown side relief embossed Blancpain logo.


9015 changed the Blancpain Cal.1151 self-produced movement, automatic totem engraved Blanco LOGO and plated 18K gold and stable time.


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