ZF factory IWC universal Portugal series Portugal 7 IW500710 dark blue

Portuguese seven – day chain wrist watch of the world is such a gentleman elegant temperament of the wrist watch.whether worn on formal occasions or at casual gatherings,It can certainly add luster to a man’s wrist.The blue of the deep seathe sea blue dial brings us a new visual enjoyment.Friends who like this watch,don’t miss it! That’s right,That’s what I’m going to share with you today ZF factory universal Portugal seven – day chain called Portugal for short. It is well known that  universal Portugal 7 produced by ZF factory is the highest copy on the market at present.ZF’s pet project,Outside-to-inside,One by one,Perfect to create the most excellent reproduction works.Below small make up to introduce this powerful universal Portugal 7 dark blue watch style.

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ZF IWC new watch – Portugal seven – day chain IW500710 grand debut. Size 42 mmx14. 2 mm The sea blue disc design is the new member of the ZF Portugal 7 family.

The dial diameter is 42mm,Suitable for general wrist size.Like most of the universal watches,IW500710 still adopts double-sided light blue high transparent anti-vertigo coating,For having nearly 20 originals IWC the ZF is not hard. the function of coating is to change the daylighting property of glass.the goal is to make the glass more transparent.provide a convenient and clear time environment.The scale on the dial also USES embedded stereo structure.Make the whole dial look dynamic.

12 Only the Arabic scale used relief work (180-degree carving and polishing) Make it round and round,Smooth and fluent.Leaf pointer added ZF skilled rhodium-plated treatment,Can keep its luster and elegant appearance for the longest time.

ZF factory also controls the color of the pointer very well.It can be seen that ZF factory is so careful.Although silver needles are used,But it also looks low-key and luxurious with a blue dial.

The logo and scale of the dial are also very clear.The small dial is also very exquisite. Power red design that shows the little dial,It looks like a dashboard for a car.Especially eye-catching.Small scale printing process can be said to be refined, the calendar was chosen at six o ‘clock,and the trapezoid calendar window,clear numbers without any offset, perfect! in order to match the original gloss,ZF adopts imported 316L fine steel casting embryo,The cost is several times higher than the average 316L,hhe difficulty of this shell is the slight curve of the surface ear.after completing the prototype shell, every ZF senior watchmaker needs to refine it.

only in this way can the wearing experience be consistent with the original one(the yield is usually limited to 6 layers).the horizontal drawing of the shell is finely polished.even if you have a slight bump while wearing it,it can also be well covered by the drawing lines,this can also be seen in the ZF factory’s care.

The clamping plate of the machine core is made of fish scales and Geneva ripples.plywood was decorated with rubies and gold inscriptions.make the whole look especially delicate.ZF factory carries this watch as a genuine Cal.52010 copy of dongdan.the battery life of this automatic chain drive can reach 4.5 days.Very accurate and stable.


The black band and the blue dial,there is a higher improvement in texture.in order to meet the needs of our customers, ZF factory pressed the leather belt onto the crocodile texture.Hint: ZF reengraving is made of cow leather.The genuine product is made of crocodile skin, such as the pursuit of perfection.We can customize the crocodile leather strap with the same quality.

Conclusion: in fact, the most attractive part of ZF factory is the careful design and polishing of every watch style.so consumers agree with it.It not only satisfies the Chinese people’s pursuit of large watch diameter wrist watch,If you want to buy one IWC ,The Portuguese seven will be your unmissable choice.

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