GF factory replica Breitling mechanical chronograph fake watch MB0111C3 (yellow dial and black case)


GF’s Breitling is not unfamiliar to everyone, because the success of the three -hand watch. So GF added the chronograph watch. Today we introduce the mechanical timing series replica watch. Its hardware configuration: the use of carbon nitride treatment of black steel, feels very good, and the matte feels very pleased, unlike the feeling of ordinary steel cold feeling. The movement is the 7750 chronograph movement, the function is exactly the same as the original. It has high-quality rubber belt, and the diameter is 44mm with deep yellow dial design. Our real shot also restores the true color. Let us continue to appreciate the details below:

The process of this ceramic ring is emphasized in the technical documentation of the manufacturer. Some people will found that the polishing process was inlaid between the frosted steel. This process is difficult to achieve. The polished feeling is very smooth and shiny, which is very similar to the ceramic process.

The hand and the timing button are polished, the handle is smooth, and the handling is very good. We noticed that the timing button has a waterproof lock, similar to the design of Rolex Daytona, so the waterproof performance is better. Remember to lock before everyone gets into the water.

The luminous is also an important part we care about. The phosphor has a wide area and the brightness is very strong.

The movement uses 7750 timing movement, the function is no different from the original version. The back automatic turret is also PVD carbon color, which is consistent with the body color. The bottom cover has EDITION English, which indicates that it is a special edition.

The literal part: especially the middle Bailing logo, the three-dimensional feeling is very good. It should be said only the original craft can be achieved. The hands are frosted gray metal surround phosphor. The yellow dial should be noticed by everyone. Some cheap manufacturers makes yellow light, rather than the same dark yellow, and GF factory is do well in the color. The glass with the same sapphire glass and blue coated layer.

The craft of the button is the same as the case, and the buckle adopts folding form.

Intercepting the strap is a part to pay attention to: It should be cut with a sharp cut in the slot below, depending on the size of your wrist. Not too much at a time, you have to come in one frame.

Let us take a look at our overall shot below:

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