Why the ZF factory replica Cartier tank fake watch series is more popular than the blue balloon?

When it talk to Cartier, many of the first thoughts are blue balloons. Indeed, blue balloons are heart of many celebrities. But the real cartier fans, their first thought is definitely the Cartier tank series. The tank series, which has the ultimate essence of modern style, is a triumphant display of pure elegance and timeless design. The tank watch is a symbol of life style for its many fans. They avoid luxury and boast, and prefer simple and authentic elegance. Today we will show you a detailed explanation of the replica Cartier tank fake watch produced by ZF.

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Brand: Cartier

Series: Tank

size: 40.85mm

movement: Miyota 9015 movement

band: leather band

waterproof: 3ATM


Square steel case, simple and smooth lines, large black Roman numerals and white dial, large three-hand design, burning blue steel hands, can let you read time at a glance.

The three o’clock word is a square calendar window, black words on white background. The English number swiss made below and the Cartier in the seven-character are also engraved very good with sloppy.

The sapphire crystal crown was made very round. The side of the screw is also a good point to look at, with black leather belt, folding buckle. It is very match with the tank’s simple and generous temperament.

To sum up: The beauty of the tank series comes from simple lines, classic design and profound historical and cultural background. In the nearly 80 years after the birth of the fake tank watch, Cartier tried various geometric contours and aesthetic expressions based on the original work, never stopped exploring. Nowadays, Cartier, the world’s top jewelry and watch leader, is constantly researching the reproduction and innovation of replica watch, and continues to bring eternal enjoyment and surprise to the followers of Cartier fake watch kingdom.

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